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Bake with Me | Christmas Cookie Bag | 圣诞饼干 姜饼 蝴蝶酥 抹茶饼 曲奇|Palmier, Gingerbread, Matcha Linzer, Cookie

Hi Guys, welcome back to my channel. Today I baked cookies to make cookie bags as Christmas gifts. I will make classic palmier, ladyfinger cookies, linzer cookies, classic cookies and gingerbread cookies. Last time I made Tiramisu, one of my friends said it’s wired to watch baking video without any instructions, so this time I included my voice and instructions how to make cookies and what are those ingredients in my video. The receipts are below, it’s not settled, you can change to any ratios based on your preferences, I prefer to do low sugar and low sweet desserts so that I normally use half of sugar in normal receipt.
Hope you enjoy this video!

Classic Palmier:
• Puff Pastry: 2 sheets
• Butter: 20g
• Sugar: 30g
Ladyfinger cookies:
• Egg: 8
• Sugar: 30g
• Low-gluten flour: 240g
Gingerbread Cookie:
• Butter: 125g
• Brown sugar: 60g
• Egg: 1
• Honey: 60-80g
• All purpose flour: 280g
• Ground ginger: 5g
• Ground cinnamon: 5g
Matcha Cookie:
• Butter: 125g
• Sugar: 60g
• Egg: 1
• Honey: 60-80g
• All purpose flour: 280g
• Matcha powder: 10g
• Melting wafers: 100g
• Butter: 50g

Jingle Bells (Instrumental) – Jingle Punks
Jingle Bells – Kevin MacLeod
从头再来 – 刘欢
Sad violin

Original of the video here

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