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bake cookies with me (fail)

once again i didn’t actually watch this after i edited it and i can’t remember what i said or did, so if it’s stupid don’t judge me and it’s probably gonna get taken down for copyright but it’s chill. ok so i decided to test out buzzfeed tasty’s basic chocolate chip cookie recipe, linked down below, and it failed. idk what went wrong i make this kinda alot, but alg because i ate it anyway. also i was really bored when i made this, it was like a tuesday afternoon or something when i should have been studying but i wasn’t so it’s fine. make sure to like and subscribe because i have more video ideas planned for the future hehehe, they gonna be very good so hit the notification bell to get notified when those videos are posted hahahah. thanks for watching peoples, even though my content sucks i appreciate it!!

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Original of the video here

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