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Bake cookies with me 🍪 FAIL! 😂

Watch me make a crap ton of cookies which I indeed fail at multiple times. It’s just for fun and just another thing I enjoy doing. For more cooking videos please follow and comment what you would like me to do. The joy of baking is who made the ginger snaps and they were darn scrumptious 😆 #baking #cake #homemade #food #dessert #instafood #cookies #foodie #yummy #chocolate #foodporn #cakes #bakery #delicious #baker #cupcakes #bake #cakedecorating #cooking #foodphotography #christmas #sweet #pastry #bread #cakesofinstagram #instacake #cakestagram #birthdaycake #homebaker #bhfyp

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music][Music]welcome back to my channel and today I’mgoing to be making a ton of cookiecontinued into tomorrow as well as it’salready 6:30 and I don’t think I haveenough time especially since bothcookies called for chill time in thefridge I have everything ready to makethe first batch of cookies which aregonna be ginger snaps the recipe I’musing is from The Joy of Baking so checkout her channellet me start also pre-measured and thebutter is all ready okay now that that’sall together[Music]that’s mixing flour[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]these are in case those run out and youstill meet now to add the flour in herewe have flour cinnamon salt baking sodaand then baking powder as well beforejust add half and then the other halfand then I’m definitely gonna have toscrape down the sidesbuilding up and you don’t want like Ivaneven like cookieshave you ever been into a cookie amouthful of baking soda cuz I know it’snot[Music][Music][Music]okay so I ended up putting the gingercookie dough into the freezer there’s alot quicker and it’s done now I have thetable set to cutters oh no chocolatechip down there and they are they’redefinitely not done[Music]youlike what are these don’t even look likeChristmas cookies like me maybe a chubbygingerbread man so I’ve made two batchesthat turned out a lot better I want toshow you my first one for a rest for arespite for a respite for a reference sowhat I did is I put them in the fridge alot longer I used a lot more flour sothat I could actually get it off thetable and then have a little more so Ihave to make a few more and thentomorrow since it’s really late I’llfinish with that won’t meal chocolatechip okay it’s day 2 of making a lot ofgood 911 here’s the dough it’s prettyfirm but we’re gonna try and get an icecream scoop andyou know make a ton of cookies scoopthem on to the pan and the oven ispreheating 375 ovens preheating and thenI’m just gonna get these startedthe oatmeal chocolate chips are done Imean they look delicious but the onlyway to know is to taste them and thenhere’s minewhat’s that or left of my ginger snapswhat I have to do is clean up my mess mycookies I’ve done so thank you if youwatched me bake cookies todayyeah subscribe comment down below

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