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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys welcome to my channel today I’mgoing to be making cookies so I guesslike I’m for them in a recipe but I’mgonna try and do it my life I’m gonnatry to change it a bit so that you cantalk about the way I usually do myrecipe and I know I look a bit rustyright now we’re gonna be mom so I havelike the bathtub so thank you so that Ihad everything he all night I know youcan’t see it but I’m gonna be back inhere so I guess it’s a bit closer to youI guess I feel that wanted to likefollow the recipe that not me becauseI’ve got yeah no no no but it guess if Iguess if you will need to follow therecipe then I’ll link it in thedescription below and also might likeone of the measurements and what we needon the screen first apparently I have topreheat the oven but I’m never gonna dothat no I’m gonna try a full of therecipe like obviously I like we have toI I have never used this recipe beforeso this is all new to me so it’s kind oflike me showing you guys my attempt atcooking my attempt at these cookies butapparently I need to mix the butter thesugar the brown sugaroh wait oh my god no I was about to sayI don’t have enough butter but say I’mhaving the recipe because I don’t havethat much chocolate and I would likethere to be like I’m not shocked that soyou can see and if you wondering thatI’m just following the rest of this issugar light of it I’m just following therecipe like it exactly either I saidtell me tell me if you want me to dothat more of these baking videos becauseI actually enjoyed them because I likebacon well I don’t know if you guys willenjoy them Samihaoh well nothing like bait from therecipe tonight nothing you know how tobake something really good and then yougotta turn like try it from a recipesand it just never works out like it’s agood recipe is what’s making yourcooking bad if that makes sense like Imight just for you[Music]it says that you don’t over mix of timeand I just forgot to set a table so I’deven if I also mixing the next thing isto add the eggs one night I I’m just I’mon the scene that is been talking thatmuch we’re gonna try and show you guysif you can seeI think in I’m just going to be talkingabout my youtube channelhonestly everybody talks aboutquarantine it’s kind of getting like abore is something too for being honestso yeah it’s going to talk about YouTubesir would you guys what to see likethere’s nothing really much I can sayyou know what I wanted to do I wanted todo the hurt my cub trying out differenthairstyles video but I don’t know howhow I’m gonna do that because I chokewith my hair like this is why my handsand I can’t right nowI could’ve taken out but it wouldn’tlook presentable at the moment butclothes maybe I’ll shave it it’s hotright now it’s not okay you guys I makeso much mess with when I’m bakingactually not long I know that this videois just me talking but I had a fun timeI had a fun time I had to find that so Ithink I’ve done most of the like hardworkI’m just going to chop up all of the thechocolate again so I think I just have alittle more to do from the get backall the people that are gonna be likeyou shouldn’t maybe we cut each otherand they come together Panthers notbeing excuse me bowling it’s your clubis not is your counter that’s my thingokay so I think actually think I didwell actually think I did some peoplecrowd here so I managed to scrape powerand you know what hey I’m just my has aKindle make sure you wash your hands goboy okay so basically yeahmy camera said my friend said I saidsome rich fool and after said yeah yeahI first come movie I feel so much usefulyou can’t report them I said big girlbaby girl you cannot you cannot see itokay guys I wash my hands and I thinkI’m just gonna add a little bit more offlour to the entire mixture becausehonestly it’s just a bit too stickyI messed my hands or just to warm itthat could actually be the case but youknow maybe this flower will make thedifference so the first three cookieswill be different than the rest you knowwhat I might be useful like they’renever the correct so I always have likeall the cookies melted into each otherso if you just don’t see perfectly roundshaped cookies I knew that I wassupposed to use that asked me to be abomb bit earlier today who actually notso basically we have to hurry this upbecause um my storage is running out weneed to get on it because yeah my songabout keep something proceeding that Ihave enough storage and my comment forthe video so we need to move on say andthe cookies I took them out and I am NOTa bit Amendola to the mouth and yeahDave listen my pan is not big enough solike most of them make alike defaulterlifebeep ed this is not a techie this is theequity but you know it’s about the tasteso I’m gonna put them on the plate solike these are my cookies I know theylook like they they’re used then but youknow what we’re just gonna try you seehow we like hereyou know whatif there is it is them and yeah and thatwas my video for today make sure to LIKEcomment subscribe and staff also commentdown below some video suggestions youwant suggestions that you want me to doand yeah see you guys next video

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