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bake cookies w/ a bored isabella.

hey guys im isabella, i am a teenager youtuber living in Australia. i post videos like, routines, challenges, beauty, style, and more fun stuff. im an aspiring actress and love musical theatre – the arts. i post every saturday, and occasionally twice a week… if im not lazy 🙂 make sure to stay tuned.
i hope you enjoyed this video and have a spectacular dayyyy, xoxo isabella.


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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my Channel
today I’m going to be baking sir I’m
going to be doing another video and
today’s video is going to be a bank with
me sir um I’m gonna be baking chopped
chip cookies and again all the noise in
the background I think it’s like oh it’s
my mom
oh she’s mowing the lawn and my dad’s
asleep so it has to be a secret
yeah he’s way yeah but I still have to
really and I remember in the jobless
pace anyways and okay so let’s start off
with ingredients sorry we have our bowl
the wooden spoon I’m 80 grams of
softened butter um an extra-large egg
it’s just a regular egg but whatever and
cookie mix yeah that’s really over key
ingredients that it yes
it’s Betty Crocker which is where we get
like blue my favorite from cooking for
it obviously yeah let’s just get started
into making okay so I did forget to say
I will preheat the oven and I have a
tray I gonna put it on but I’ll do that
in a second
um so first I need to put
okay so now I have put all the
ingredients in the bowl
alright so I just finished watching my
hand and the cookie dough is amazing
good but now I need to enjoy not for no
reason but now I got to measure two
tablespoons cookie dough and roll into
balls and place it on baking paper and
then gotta bake it so I’m going to move
to mix click OK sir I mean in a
different kind of setup kind of thing
just moved across because I have my
truck and they have my cookies sure we
have I have to roll some cookie dirt
immature bowls flatten them and then put
them on two of the tray yep every dude
lips a little bit of a smile and why did
you say Slimer let’s just go it’s a bit
late it’s about five years but I have
done it the cookies and they’re looking
pretty good
you put them into the oven so now
they’re in the oven and they color for
them to come out so now all the cookies
have come out of the oven and yet they
were delicious by the way thank you so
much for watching I hope you enjoyed
this video

18 Replies to “bake cookies w/ a bored isabella.

  1. Now this is what I call easy cooking, I think anyone can make this bread. Another recipe to add to my list. Thankyou Naile I loved this video, the editing so on point. Music is so great as well. Now I know why you are not churning out videos everyday. Quality over amount. You are the bomb!

  2. Love the Seinfeld touch. Where do you find these clips that are so relevant to your videos. Loved it Naile. You make the best videos ever. I had a big smile on my face whilst my mouth was watering. Love you..looking forward to the next one..

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the video and the recipe! Your editing skills are AMAZING and I would love it if you shared the software you use!! <3

  4. If I could only reach out and pick up that sandwich and eat it, it would make my day. You are such a treat dear Naile. You work in the kitchen should be made into a tv series. Well done loved it. I will defintely make this bread.

  5. some good video,s here girl…..chatted to u on “live-chat” yesterday….first time i,d EVER done live-chat etc when u replied one word came to mind etc”WOW”….how things have “changed” over the years. good-luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mama Mia I could eat out of those precious hands…I want to eat, mange mange…ti amp Naile, ti amo…you have no idea how much I love you…

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