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Attempting to Bake Cookies

watch me descend into the depths of hell for about seven minutes. My apologies in advance.

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Video Transcription

all my friends today we’re makingcookieslittle free tokens that’s fun why don’twe just get into itfollowing in a repla I’m following arecipe my nest recipe for gluten-freecookie bites but I don’t know if Ishould just make the regular sizecookies I all ate so many chocolatechips and I’m sorry no she’s okay hopey’all are doing well if your studentwonder how your spoilers goin it’s myjunior year of high school so that’spretty coolexcept it’s not at all and still thisflower Brittanyoh that’s too close I’m sorry now it’stime for more drank I guess gonna getthe baking soda salt sugar where’s thesugar find the brown sugar so we’re justgonna blend some dates because they’renaturally high in sugar and that shouldwork the decent substitute let’s do it[Music]I mind did not anticipate this happeningso we’re just gonna look even harder forthe brown sugar and hope that that worksoh my god I found it it was hiding ifyou can even see that it was already andnow I have to they can’t see anythingall right so we just wasted about threedates so that’s great[Music][Music]now it’s time for the wet ingredients sowe’re gonna get some butter eggs buttereggs and vanilla extracts and out ofbreath I’m out of breath from doing thatthat shows the great shape I am in[Music]that’s very goodwe are going to be we have some smartbalance a giant thing of Smart Balancefrom Costco no I didn’t mean stopfilming I’m filming this with my chin Idon’t think it’s gonna work oh the eggsalright we have the egg cracking cam onI realized I should have used thisbeforehand for all the rest of the crapbut we’re going to write the first eggdidn’t fullyokayand now I realize you can only see andfeel the egg crack it came to me it’sgonna spill out if I really gonna getone more box of eggs so I can recordokay and there we go so well how’s lifehow’s hope if you don’t that’s fine tooright now we’re gonna have the flower tothese foot ingredients[Music]all right the batter’s bit and runny soI might add a little more flour to theremaining batter but that’s just thecookies just kind of funny like great Ieven added a little bit of tapiocastarch to you know help them solidify alittle bit but yes I mean don’t makegood pancakes you know what I mean butwe’ll let those dry they smell theysmell great so I’ll step inside allright on this is what we’re working withso part of it ripped on the come come mysonuntil strange texture it’s decentjust tastes like a pancake though itlooks like a pancake so I’ll call it abaked pancake an oven cake if you willthank you for watching[Music]

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