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Attempting to bake cookies 🍪

Hope you enjoyed this dumb video I am never baking by myself again. #baking#cookies#delicious#food

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Video Transcription

okay it’s like super nice out so Iwanted to come outside and fill my introhere because it’s like super nice outbut my friend suggested to turn thisinto a video I thought that would be areally good idea because I haven’tposted in a while and I never baked likeI rarely bake and if I do bake then I’mbaking with like my mom or something butI never baked with myself so there’sgonna be like a lot of accidents and Iassure you there’s gonna be like a lotof mess ups so this would be even morefunny but yeah so before we get intothis video make sure you hit that likebutton and hit that subscribe button soyou can stay tuned to more videos likethis oh you want to go out my dog oh nothere’s no cat oh my god there’s nopillows on that you’re such a human brookay so I got this like recipe off myfriends story which was like a tick-tockso I’m gonna go wash that tick tock I’mgonna like write down all theingredients and everything like thedirections and stuff which I think wouldbe smart you know so I’m gonna do thatfirst before I start baking oh my goshit’s called the recipe that’s what it ohmy gosh so this is the recipe I’m justshowing it in case you guys want to cookit yourself or bake all right so I’mgonna get my ingredients we gotchocolate chips all right heredamn one thing down we need two eggsI’ll get those later when it comes tothat time you need sugar peanut butter Iwas worried like I was searching forlike five minutes I was brave we don’thave peanut butter but we got two jarsoh yeah okay now sugar in short peopleproblemsshould my heart place that on top of theflower what if I put flour and sugar andwork together no one would know thedifference okay now we need ourmeasuring cups one cup okay I’m justgonna do I’m just gonna do a couple ofchocolate chips cuz wait okay um sleevesare coming up for this one oh yeahokay so we should be at first I’m gonnaget this sugar first that was a bad ideaI mean that’s one way to get your paperoff you just throw it across the roomthat just like also yeah it’s prettygood just in case you’re like too lazyjust look another page came up it’s agood technique you should try itsometime but yeah okay oh my god there’sso much stuff in the wayokay it’s not like it up and and thenwe’re just gonna fill it up just scoopit right enough I’m gonna add some moredon’t be shy it’s a part how comethere’s just a big fat chunk of sugaryeah that was not a good ideaand we’ll know for future references ohmy god there’s another one okay so wewant to fill it up and then we’re gonnahave to level it off oh there’s someonethat founder now I’m not sure if you canlike see this or not oh okay let me geta knife so we can have perfect level ofthis okay okay I think this is actuallyokay Wells us say that’s good what do weneed nowyou need one one cup of peanut butterthat is going to bewait how do we know if this is one cup Ican’tyou’re telling me I’ll have to do allthis extra work it seems about rightokay it’s like I’ll stuck to this placelike I leveled off the spoon okay wellit’s not there’s a lot of peanut butterI would say that’s like we actually needthat spoon okay we need a spoon to getpeanut butter off this spoon so that itwill go inside of another big spoonplease don’t tell me this okay okay it’sgoing so well I would have thoughtsomething else would go wrong I’mterribly wrong it wasn’t in watery oh Ihave this spoon of peanut butter andthen I needed this point of peanutbutter and I have this but then I’mgonna use one of these to get it intothe bowlthis is being so extra taste real oh mygod I got peanut butter on my I don’teven know if that was a full cup I’mjust gonna keep adding more oh my god Ihave peanut butter I mean each my nailsnow I’m just gonna mix yourself whoa ohmy gosh oh my gosh it’s the PillsburyDoughboy say hi okaymy hands yes rania said to add a littlebeetle flowers so you’re going to do laphow much is a little bit though Brianyes it was just a little bit know howmuch this is probably as a cup does itsay it doesn’t even give you the numberall right I’m just gonna just put it alland honestly these cookies are gonnaturn out so bad anyways now we got thechocolate strips we’re gonna get out thecup okay okay well just one of them overhere I need thatno way okay I’m gonna throw this in thegarbage let’s see if my egg crackingokay well I mean that’s one way the eggjuice is leaked all over my leg up rightthere okayegg too big number two that does notlook appetizing if you do the cookiemother booth Daniel let me wash theSalmonella off my hand feel I feel likethis video is just going to be so longokayoh snap the eggs are taking over there’slike too much egg as we’re doing thisI’m actually gonna set my oven ba k ohmy gosh it automatically starts at 350all right we’re gonna wait for that towarm up okay it’s starting to get likeharder to mix which i guess is a goodthing oh this baking spray now you justspray this I guess I was always told notto put too much like oh my godoh my god it doesn’t taste good I feellike this is like too like watery howare we gonna do itthis doesn’t seem goodshould I add like some more flour or itsmells good that’s one thing okay I needto do it okay I think I actah oh my I think I’m gonna add a littlemore flour because this is very verywatery okay I think I’ll just likedrizzle it and then I’ll keep mixing itattempt number two let’s just try not toget any hair in this beer tastes verygoodoh yeah that’s definitely better I don’tknow how big to make the balls though ohmy gosh yeah this is so much better nowthat I had in the flourokay okay I’m not sure if that’s too bigmmm I feel like oh these cookies aregonna be giant though okay I think goodso alright it’s my oven okay like I feellikeoh my god bro all my cookies they justlike felt oh my I just let my hand huhsee this is the part that I knew when Igo well if we convert my finger and thatall my cookies what’s it drop they alsocame to the side of the pan and now allmy cookies are gonna be stuck to theside Alexa set a fifteen minute timerfifteen minutes starting now okay Ithink that’s how long right fifteenminute balls okay so I guess we’ll justwait until then not moment when you’rewatching that flakes in you’re finewhy does it look crooked is that becauseof his bro did I bend the pan bride nothey’re sliding they’re sliding no but Ihave to get these out oh my god I don’tI don’t know what you guys can see thelike okay I need to get these out Ohdamnit Alexa cancel the 15 minutes no15-minute timer cancelled you have to bekidding me man there oh stop sliding ahno this is going terrible out no oh mygod what how do I even like do I justslide it over no dang it oh this isn’tgoing well okaythis is like me trying to fix all mylife problems alright let me try to putthem in the oven again I’m gonna do itwithout my phone so maybe okay okaylet’s run it again Alexa set a fifteenminute timer fifteen minutes startingnow okay guys so I took them out of theoven and they look so goodthey look amazing right yeah okaybut I cut them up this one I don’t thinkmade the cut this one did not pass thevibe check you know they’re super fluffythough like I’m I’m looking at thesefeel like they’re gonna be way too chewythat you can’t even like pick it upwithout it folding I don’t know whattastes like though it’s like it’s weirdjust doesn’t taste like peanut butterthe chocolate tips we’re definitely goodthoughI don’t these will be trashed withoutthose chocolate chips but I think thesecookies are going to end off the videoso if you guys like this video make sureyou hit that like button and hit thatsubscribe button to stay tuned so youcan watch more videos like this thiswasn’t oh my gosh it’s a bird not tooplainit’s your mom alright I will see youguys in the next video

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