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Almost burnt down the house Making Cookies!!!!! 😅 🍪 🍪🍪

Thanks for watching this was a lot of fun to make!!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello everyone welcome back to another
video on my youtube channel so today I’m
joined by my little sister hello so
today we’re gonna make some cookies
Sailor Moon does not do that
as you tell we’re in our costumes my dad
told us to make a video of us in our
questions you never know we don’t have
to try again
we could just leave them in so we’re
gonna make some cookies the simple ones
because we’re simple bakers that so wait
don’t touch anything
no don’t touch the orange either first
off we’re good we have a pan right right
cookie sheets and cookie are you back
somebody made a big mess 10 cents
okay because there’s a mess you can’t do
anything down
JJ JJ JJ the phone’s dead – yeah
watching me with nothing so first off
we’re gonna flip this on the Pam yes
so yeah we’re gonna put this with cookie
I guess yeah we’re just gonna use a pan
so stir it first we’re gonna start off
with heating our oven to 350 okay we’re
starting I think can’t tell oh my gosh I
almost forgot to bring these out that
would have been bad if I didn’t
okay today did I do it right I didn’t
know do you think not yep Oh
oh wow okay so first we’re gonna start
off with putting the cookie sheet on if
I could do it right and your camera
grandma camera okay touch here it says
we’ll use the big nice because we’re
or even a me the camera right Andy yes
them scary night boy that’s the 30 now
ya wanna kill your dad what is your
camera you’re keeping cutting it it’s a
shirt ah being a good camera person not
what about absolute it no you can’t Alex
video I don’t hate him that’s the feed
cat person
no because I don’t want to bother him
that’s not like cookies okay so we’re
gonna take these off I suppose and put
them right here
roll them in bowls you know so
apparently we would do it in the bowl
what are you doing with this like
messing it up you ready ready
it’s making my hand daddy man it’s
making cookies of course you’re gonna
get dirty
yes eight yeah good put it on the thing
honey candy you get all the bad cookies
now we burn yeah yes yes do 50 I don’t I
don’t like it it’s fine wait wait it is
okay I bet you’re my head is like this
the whole time yep got my little girl
well you’re 17 you’re almost a phony and
almost 30 what
wait let me show you this this is
literally what she did we’re gonna burn
the whole house down – engine struggling
it’s a candy it is your first time after
all and the other night yeah it is I
make okay boy I made it bad for too much
baby is mine custom power as broiler pan
and put in it it could be that it’s
everywhere it’s not walk chocolate boy
oh really so you make cookies when you
were a baby yes there’s no like asthma
yeah those of you wondering who asthma
is she is my younger 1 year old sister
and she’s very adorable so that’s all I
have to say okay so we finished okay so
these are batches of cookies and we’re
putting them in the oven last time what
are you doing
another costume cookies are done
and here’s the results of the cookies so
right now we’re letting the cookies cool
down and waiting until my dad and Bobbie
to get back so they could try out
cookies and let’s hope they taste
alright but they did come out big and
I’m actually liking it because who
doesn’t like big cookies oh really
are you tired of waiting until they come
back yep
in a rug okay look they’re still not
here we’ve been waiting did you just
take tonight okay Alec wanted to get
something Oh speak of the devil
my gosh did wait go back
i okay time to try the cookies okay I’m
gonna give most perfect cookie to me
just kidding Anjali cuz she helped wait
don’t eat it yet so cookies are supposed
to be a like you get the second best
because you were here and I get a big
one because I’m just I’ll take that you
want me to go yeah okay
Ivan an Alec right here he left

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