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Alison Roman’s Internet-Famous Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies | NYT Cooking

Have you heard of #thecookies? Alison Roman’s Salted Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies are so popular that fans created the hashtag on social media because they’re the only cookies that matter. They combine the best of chocolate chip and shortbread cookies into one ultimate recipe, complete with flaky sea salt. Get the recipe:




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Video Transcription

oh the cookies c18 take one I’m AlisonRoman and I am making a salted butterchocolate chunk shortbread cookie alsoknown to some of you as the cookies yougave it that name not me so this is arecipe that originally appeared in myfirst cookbook dining in the reason Ithink that it’s achieved the successthat it has because it is familiar itdoes have elements of a chocolate chipcookie and elements of a classicshortbread cookie and when the twocombines you get the cookie anytime I’mbaking anything I like to have all of myingredients measured first before Istart mixing because what can happen isyou get to the bottom of the recipe andyou realize that the egg that I call fordoesn’t actually go into the cookie asit goes on the outside and the flakysalt that I call for goes on top not inthe dough and I just really gets nice tosee everything read the recipe knowexactly what you’re getting yourselfinto before proceeding I’ve never bakedanything by the way without gettingflour absolutely everywhere and olivermyself and my loved ones and my kitchenand it’s just you know whatever willvacuumedI do think that’s the most accurate wayto measure things especially flower iswith a scale every time I weigh a cup offlour it weighs almost exactly 145 gramsoh my god 144 grams baby yes I’m in acompetition with myself and I won let’ssee if we can do it again148 little heavy a little heavy that’sfine I feel like as long as you arewithin like 4 or 5 grams on either sideit’s not gonna make a huge differencemoral the story use the scale if you cannow comes our sugar which sugar almostwill always weigh the same so quartercup for me is probably 1/4 cup for youthe way that it settles in the cupthere’s not as much discrepancy so Iwouldn’t worry too much about that agood thing to know is that this doughfreezes really well the recipe caneasily be doubled have some for now andhave some for later so our basicingredients are here and accounted forwe have salted butter as the name wouldimply our chocolate and I really likehaving a lot of different textures ofchocolate in this cookie but you knowthis is like as about as big as I wouldgo I feel like making these cookies forus right now is kind of like a videogame where like each level is a newhurdle or a situation so this is butterthis is stage 1 actually no measuringshopping is stage 1 because you need tobuy the right ingredients measuring islevel 2 and now we’re at level 3 mixingthe dough starting with the butter Ilike starting with cold butter becauseyou beat it for an eternity I wantpeople to really go for it this is not asuggestionI’m not hinting at maybe combine thebutter and sugar together I want you tocream it I want it to be fluffy I wantit to be light I wanted to almost looklike frosting and it’s not because I’mtrying to waste your time it’s becauseyou’re really relying on this air whichis also what gives it that like when youbite into it it feels somehow light andfluffy almost like a puff pastry itshould be very flaky beating the airinto it at this stage is what’s gonnaget you there so I’m gonna scrape downeverything to kind of make sure that allthe butter at the bottom is gettingmixed with all of the sugarall right our butter and sugar is prettymuch there can see in this bowl italready looks like there’s more stuff inthere and now I’m gonna add my flour[Music]you basically want to mix it until thedough comes together to give it a fewturns I want you to look at this dough Ialways tell people that it shouldresemble play-doh it shouldn’t be dry itshouldn’t be crumbly it should lookyou know like cookie dough now you’veall used to be able to like make a logcabin with I don’t know what do you dowith play-dohanyone who’s ever tried to wrap anythingin plastic wrap you know that it isnothing but heartbreak and from herewe’re gonna shape it into logs and youkind of you know it doesn’t have to beperfect it just looks like a blob sothis is decidedly more square than roundbut the round happens now you just kindof roll it and your cute little large OhGod where will they go don’t look at meit’s cool look in here oh my god Ishould have thought about that beforeyou ah what a nightmare who lives heredoesn’t bear Senguh anyway in they go thank yougood night the cookies are taking alittle nap in the fridge they’re gonnabe there for at least two hours don’tlook in here – get out of there okayit’s doesn’t look better than the lasttime we went in so I forget what levelwe’re at in that crazy metaphor that Ibrought up earlier butis the second to last level we’re gonnaroll it in egg wash and like you’remixing paint or something or feeding anegg I’m sure it’s something that you domore often than mix paint I like to putthe sugar in a like a baking dish or arimmed baking sheet or something likethatjust like your breading a chicken cutletor something my analogy is today arereally something else so really you’rejust kind of looking for a nice thinlayer which is why I like using a brushjust kind of paint the outside and thenyou can kind of just roll the cookieslike this once I seen these cookies I goabout a half inch thick sometimes evenwhen I’m cutting them the dough willcrumble a little bit and that’s okaybecause you can kind of piece ittogether but it’s pretty forgiving thisis probably the most common thing thatwill happen to my cookies when you getto like a large chunk but I literallyjust put it back together well come seeDumpty’s situation we all know that oneyeah they can go definitely closertogether these cookies will not spreadso to finish they’re gonna get asprinkling of salt and you’re not gonnause kosher salt you’re gonna use a nicecoarse loopy salt and now they go in theovenit’s been about 11 12 minutes and ourcookies are ready to be taken out of theoven so you can tell they’re readybecause they are golden brown around theedges they’re still pretty pale in thecenter but they’re crispy they smellamazingand I think they look pretty perfectlittle babies go ahead and transfer themto you know one by one to a wire rack orif I had more parchment kind of lettingthem cool here these are the kind ofcookies that are truly better at roomtemp they’re not like a chocolate-chipcookie where you want to eat them warmput an extremely fun plate of cookiesand my favorite one is gonna go on topthere there are cookies our cookies thecookies cookie salted butter chocolatechunk shortbread cookie and now comesthe moment we’ve all been waiting for sothey should be crunchy they should becrispy that texture in there that islike kind of almost like laminate e it’slike flaky and but still dense isexactly what we’re looking formmm I think my favorite part about themis that to me to the best of every worldlike they have that vanilla and brownsugar and like crispy edge business thata chocolate chip cookie does and they’vegot the dense buttery flakiness that ashortbread does so to me it is likeabsolutely the perfect cookie hmmthey’re really good you guys they’rereally good for the recipe and a lotmore you can check out New York Timescooking[Music]

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