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Actually the best chocolate chip cookies you’ll ever make

Literally, just watch the video. It’s chocolate chip cookies.

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Video Transcription

what’s good lads and ladders anotherepisode of ABC always be baking name isa bit of a testing period right nowdidn’t do too well with focus groups butwe’re gonna see where it goes if I don’thave like a thousand subscribers by nextweek I’ll probably just change it butanyway today we’re gonna be makingchocolate chip cookies now these are aclassic but I think there’s a few thingswe can do here and there to reallyelevate them from like chocolate chipcookies to chocolate chip cookies soanyway let’s get started with the dryingredients I’m gonna start off witheleven and a half ounces of all-purposeflour shot to the wifey from getting methis handheld sifter once that’s alldone you don’t really have to sift itbut it definitely helps we’re gonna addabout a teaspoon of coarse salt half ateaspoon of baking soda and that’sdefinitely gonna give it that thicknessteaspoon maybe a bit less of cinnamonand that’s definitely gonna give yousome good flavor and like we did withthe brownies we’re gonna add a teaspoonof espresso powder and that’s not gonnamake it taste like coffee it’s justgonna really deepen that chocolate tasteonce you’ve got all that added up we’regonna give it a good mix just so wedon’t have any you know lumps or clumpsso yeah the first kind of secret thingthat we’re doing here is that espressopowder it’s gonna really take yourcookies to the next level so make sureyou get that if you can cool this islooking pretty mixed right now nextthing we’re gonna do is work on the wetingredients over by the stand mixer coolso here we’ve got two sticks of butterthat we browned that’s the next sort ofsecret thing that we’re gonna dobrowning butter basically just stick itin a pan or a pot and cook it until themilk solids start to turn brown it’sgonna give it a nice nutty flavor reallyrich flavor what I like to do is alsoput a couple ice cubes in there afterit’s done browning that’s gonna give itback some of its moisture and it’s gonnacool it down because we’re eventuallygoing to be adding eggs to this so we’regonna start off with a cup and a half or300 grams of brown sugar gotta get thatwhisk out of the way oh that isabsolutely way too much sugar but don’tworry and then half a cup of white sugarthat’s about a hundred grams cool andthen we’re gonna let the stand mixer doits thing and just really combine allthat together cool now that that’s allcombined we’re going to add two eggs tothis and like I said the butter shouldbe cooled from the ice so we’re notgonna have any problems of you know theeggs kind of getting cooked from thebutter again let’s let the stand mixerdo its thing combine everything make itthis is gonna turn it to a nice likecreamy thick kind of look to it and ifyou want you can add a little bit ofvanilla that’s gonna also give it somegood taste god I love the camera is justlosing focus here and there cuz I keepputting my arm in the way it’s okay I’lllearn nice well from them cool okay lookat that that looks so good it alsosmells incredibly good but trust me onthis it’s basically butter sugar andeggs so don’t eat it we’re gonna add thedry ingredients you want to add half ofit first let it mix together and thenadd the remaining half I’m not showingit on camera here but you also want tochange the attachment to the mixerattachmentnice that’s basically after all theflowers been added and then we can moveon to the chocolate chips of course I doabout 6 to 8 ounces you could add moreif you want like really chocolaty stuffbut up to your tastesI like semi-sweet or dark chocolatesomething like 60 to 70% just becausethere’s so much sugar already in thereum so we’ll let that get a good mix inand the dough is cool now that we’ve gotthe chocolate chips all mixed into thedough look at that beautiful dough I’mwe’re gonna do is just shape them on tothese parchment lined baking pans andreally you could shave them everyone Ilike pretty thick and I think that’sjust the way it go but anyway we’regonna use our last sort of trick to makethese cookies really good which is we’regonna refrigerate the dough after we’veshaped it you could do it for it and I Iwould say at least do it for an hour butif you can do it anywhere from 1 to 3days what that’s gonna do is it’s goingto three things it’s gonna give thedough a much like deeper darker colorit’s gonna give it a richer taste andwhat its gonna do is it’s gonna firm itup so the cookies don’t sort of flattenout when you bake it you get them niceand thick which is obviously how youwant your cookies cool so I’m gonna tossthese in the fridge for 24 hours I tryto kind of edit all that time out of thevideo but if I can’t not really surewhat to tell you guys just kind of bepatient and I’ll see you tomorrowcool hey welcome to the new day cookiedough is ready it’s good to gowe’re gonna pop them in the oven forabout 350 degrees 12 minutes I wouldkind of turn them half way through justbecause you don’t know if your oven iskind of heating the whole thing evenlyso yeah we’ll pop them in and see howthey turn out nice now that they’re donein the oven we’re gonna take them outonce they turn golden brownand let him to sit on a cooling rack forabout ten minutes or so that way theyfinished cooking here instead of beingovercooked in the oven now look thesecookies are huge just how I like thempretty thick thi cc let’s give them aquick taste test best way to taste testthe cookie of course a glass of milk solet’s give that a shot right now sorrythis is actually the worst to have inthe world I’ve ever seen but anyway itworkedcookies were great really good tastesperfect and I mean just look at theseguys really good brown color nicetexture and a good rustic look soremember use your espresso powder brownyour butter and refrigerate the doughgive them a shot see ya

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