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Ok fellow cookie and cake lovers. In this video, I show you some cool ways to decorate your biscuits and cookies for your parties. You don’t need professional equipment, or to go out of your way and spend money to buy cookie cutters, you can give your dough any shape using glasses from your kitchen, rolling pins, forks, and even earrings to make your cookies as beautiful as they taste.
You can use spoons to shape your cookies and then you can serve them with ice-cream. This way you’ll have your own edible spoons.
I also show you how to use kitchen foil and some different shaped items from your kitchen to make your own DIY cookie cutters.
To also give your cookies some fun shapes, you can use the back of drinking glasses – those usually have some sharp interesting forms.
If you don’t have time to bake your cookies, you can place your cookie dough in your waffle maker and have them ready in just 5 minutes.

0:45 – DIY cookie cutters
2:01 – Cookie Dough VS waffle maker
4:08 – Bird nest shaped cookies
5:54 – How to make rose shaped cookies
8:10 – Paint palette cookies
9:40 – Cookie puzzles tutorial
10:55 – Cookies shaped like buttons
12:42 – Chocolate vs cookie dough


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