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1 Minute Oatmeal Cookies

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With two basic ingredients and one minute of cook time, my 1-Minute Oatmeal Cookies are super easy and quick to make for school lunch, work lunch, snack, breakfast, dessert, any time of day!

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Video Transcription

hey it’s dawn Hutchins with veggie
cooking I’m here in the kitchen and I’m
gonna show you how to make some one
minute two ingredient oatmeal cookies
that you can have for breakfast you can
use it as a snack you can enjoy them as
a dessert and they’re really great if
you’re doing that thing where you open
the pantry door and you’re kind of
looking for some junk food to eat and
you know you really don’t want to be
eating it because you’re trying to be
healthier and this is something that
will just satisfy that sweet tooth and
it’s just two basic ingredients and then
the awesome thing is you can dress it up
however you want so I’m gonna show you
how to do my fall version they’re a
little naughty but I think you’re really
gonna like them and there’s so much
healthier than all that processed and
packaged stuff that you would find in
your pantry so I hope you enjoy these
they’re really fun to make and really
easy and even your kids can do it so
have fun I hope you enjoy it oh and
remember if you can hit the like
subscribe and notification battle we
would love to see you back here every
time we post a recipe we don’t want you
to miss anything and I that help us grow
our YouTube channel so more people can
find us thank you so much and I’ll see
you over here as we start the recipe
so the first thing you’re going to do is
add 2/3 cup of oatmeal and just ignore
my really old measuring cup then you’re
gonna add one ripe banana and fold it in
half and then you’re gonna get your fork
and just kind of smash it in there as
best you can
it’s gonna take you know give it a
minute of pushing it all in there
see how fast I do this I mean that
that’s super fast I’m sure you’ll be
able to do that I love using oatmeal
because it’s so filling in the morning
and then the banana adds that natural
sweetness it’s just so good so you’re
just going to keep incorporating it
until you know it’s it’s all the way
through all the oats we’re almost done
okay now what I’m going to do is run
over super fast again whoop and get some
fresh jacks spices so we’re gonna do
this maple cinnamon YUM and then pumpkin
pie spice and this is what’s going to
add our full flavor so I go and grab my
quarter teaspoon and I’m going to use
about half of that so I’m going to do
about an eighth of a teaspoon and I’m
gonna add the pumpkin pie spice because
this is such a small recipe that a
little goes a long way with that and
then I’m gonna add a full quarter
teaspoon with the maple cinnamon because
that stuff is so good so you’re gonna
add that in and you’re gonna mix it all
up the same way you mixed it previously
just kind of incorporate it well as you
did the banana
so just superfast get that all mixed in
there and now what are you going to do
is add a little salt I’m actually using
some black sea salt that I got up in
Cape Cod but you don’t have to do that
and then I’m adding just about a
tablespoon of these maybe a little more
just for fun white chocolate chips
they’re vegan white chocolate chips so
yummy and doesn’t pumpkin pie spice and
white chocolate chips just sound amazing
that’s where I was like a little naughty
okay now I got about nine cookies out of
this so I just use a tablespoon and I
scoop out my nine cookies and put them
on a big plate that is a microwave-safe
which I’m probably gonna have some
people mad at me about microwave them
for one minute we don’t use the
microwave a lot but in this one case
when you’re in a rush we’re just gonna
go ahead and use the microwave for one
minute so you finish getting your
cookies together and get all of the bits
because you don’t want to miss anything
you see they’re so good and now what
you’re gonna do is loop take this and
microwave it for one minute and then
bring it on back and that’s what they
look like after why they didn’t want to
let them cool just until they hold
together I hope you enjoyed this as much
fun as I did

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