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1/13/20 | lets bake cookies 🍪🤠 | keira prizeman

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music][Applause]that I’m filming today yeah I’m filmingthree actually today this is just asecond because this one that will beposted I don’t know I’m gonna post thisone probably one I don’t feel likefilming but feel like posting or run outof storage I don’t know but I’m gonnapost this one eventually and I’m gonna Iposted one today you can watch it andself-care it’s not good anyway and thenI’m also doing another one which is asurprise and my mom’s gonna be heavilyfeatured and all my friends are gonna beheavily featuredso yeah let’s make some cookies so we’redoing in this funk if you didn’t know bythe title okay finally so I have gottenprepared it was very hard to get withher budget for baking these they’re cutout hearts and then I think they’repretty cuteso it’s sets 375 preheatI know how to use an open I’m wifematerialoh you can also put icing on theseapparently or you can make your own butI don’t want to make my own do youreally think I have that skill I don’tso I already wash my hands if you werewith me I’m not like unsanitary and myhair is got an orientation but if youreally would prefer me to wear an apronthis is my apron from baking camp acouple years ago it doesn’t fit me ithas my name on itseit summer camps baking apron youshould give it a try if you live in oraround the cualquier eeeh go to sait dotheir baking camp you make apple piesand they drop everybody’s apple pieexcept for yours well actually theycould drop your apple pie but they didnot drop my apple pie state state camp’scooking okay now that I’ve stalled it’sjust a bit[Applause]that’s why I’m sorry okaythese ones are so cute there’s like somepink and some like regular okay I don’tknow if they want me to like keep themin the pattern that and like up and downor if they want me to flip them they’reunclear and it says not to eat the rocksif you know but I very much want to butI’m not gonna temptations are never theanswer- I remember day when it that wordactually I was like little I guess Idon’t know and my dress the tag saidtemptation on itand I was like mom what does that meando I know how to define temptationmm-hmm do I know what it is yeah likecould I use it in a sentenceyeah and I’m about to don’t tempt mesave this cookie dough temptation do Iknow but I can’t define it I cannotdefine temptation so if you can to findtemptation please tell me how becauseI’m really bad at it I don’t know how todefine temptation okay so now that I’veranted about oh my gosh all the cookiedough came off that hurt that heart isbrokenit’s my heart July my heart broke and that’s hurting me no it’s fine okayokay so yeah if you know how to definetemptation hit me up I’m gonna goagainst my I’m gonna give in to mytemptationoh that is so good okay see you in thehospital guysso how long do I put the band for 8 to10 minutes Tylerstart him back it off by accidentokay well I’m gonna go do someshenanigans and then we’ll talk when mycookies are done[Music]I’ve decided to have a dance party soAlexa play 98 v virgin radio[Music][Music][Music]there’s 25 seconds till we look at ourcookies and see if they’re done and on Ifeel like I might have to go becauseit’s a cookie dough but it’s okay it’sokayit’s not that bad it’s not it’s not thatbad I swear I had a Pepsi down here andnow it’s missing I don’t know what to doyeah[Music]okay turn the oven is off cookies areout let’s just take a quick okay I needyou’re not family and there’s still likeflatteningand this one I’m gonna go find my Pepsiso see you thenwork that whatever weirdokay they’re so squishyso we’re you’re wait a minute and I’llsee you and my cookies are done sorrythat was just you know this whole clipwas just to show that I’ve got my Pepsiokaydid they forget burn oh my god they’renot burnt they’re just like they’re justheavily tanned oh my oh my goodness ohoh she ha ha good day sorry I understandnow that you didn’t see that basically Ipoked her it’s not she’s not having agood daythis one’s not cooked all the waythrough where other ones are like burntso I’m suing the oven companyokay great I’ll look just to do a tastetest so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonnataste this really nasty looking one so Ican take a Polaroid of these Ohturn on 10 will again hey that’s the endof the videoyou

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