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Who left Bake Off 2019 in Bread Week & who got Star Baker?

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For any copyright, please send me a message. THE Great British Bake Off’s third episode saw the contestants tasked with Bread Week.  Impressing judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith is never an easy task, but which contestant was sent home in episode three and who still remains in the competition? Here’s everything you need to know… Who has left The Great British Bake Off tent? Week One, Cakes –  Dan Chambers got the elbow after making changing his recipe in the signature bake which left it under-baked. He fared a little better in the technical challenge with his attempt at baking six identical angel cake slices. Despite being credited for an original design with his Pirate Island cake, alongside its dry ice waterfall, it still wasn’t enough to keep him in the competition. Week Two, Biscuits – After having already left a not-so-great impression with Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith in week one, Jamie Finn was the next baker to receive the boot after failing to show any growth from his previous attempts. And it’s fair to say that week two proved to be just as challenging for the waiter from Surrey. Week Three, Bread – Following a good run during Biscuit Week, Amelia had a considerably harder time with the Bread difficulties.The fashion designer, who was named the worst baker in the technical test, failed to impress with her ‘chaotic’ Chorizo lunch tear and was told her baking was ‘terrible’ for her Caterpillar transformation showstopper. Who has won Bake Off 2019’s Star Baker? Week One, Cakes – Michelle Evans-Fecci bagged Star Baker after creating a toadstool cake in the showstopper round. The Welsh mum impressed Prue and Paul as they praised her “faultless” cake. Week Two, Biscuits – It appeared as if nobody was truly surprised to see Alice Fevronia win the Star Baker title given that she succeeded with all three tasks in week two. Week Three, Bread – Before we said goodbye to another baker, Michael was delegated Star Baker and it was definitely deserved.The theater supervisor had a genuinely noteworthy week which began with him wowing the judges with his shocking Keralan Star Bread in the tear and share signature challenge. When is next week’s Bake Off theme?  The Great British Bake Off 2019 returns every Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.  Bakers will be tackling Bread in Week Three.  The previous weeks have seen bakers tackle cakes and biscuits, with both Jamie and Dan having both been eliminated from the competition so far.  The final is likely to be on November 5, 2019 – but this still has to be confirmed by show bosses.

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