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What is sourdough bread & how to make it…

We make fresh sourdough bread daily at our farm restaurant, The Riverford Field Kitchen. But what exactly is sourdough? What is a sourdough starter? And how do you make it? Chef Johnny talks through the process.

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Video Transcription

we’re here to talk about sourdough we
bake off eight layers of sourdough fresh
every day for our customers it all
starts and Peggy this is our starter
here basically a starter is just water
and flour next and you keep feeding it
over the process of five days and you
like the natural wild yeast build and
grow and so Peggy is a culture that’s
been going about 12 years now you need
to feed it every day if you just believe
it would go flat and eventually it die
and run out of sustenance so the next
process is the actual bread itself
you mix Peggy strong bread flour and
water together you mix it you leave it
about half an hour to bond together and
then you add a little bit more water and
salt the reason for not adding the salt
at the same time is because salt is it
as a yeast killer so you give it that
half an hour to let it bond with the
bread and starts sauce build with the
gluten and then you have the salt so
this has been proven over a whole day
keep turning every half now I’m putting
the folds into it and and then you
frigid and let it sort of naturally and
slowly come up overnight
so basically when you’re cheap and so do
what you want to look for is you want to
look for that almost sort of white tack
sticky consistency said it looks really
hard to shape but actually it will make
your life easier in the long run so you
want to take a little bit of flour and
just dust it over the top through that
it’s about four loaves we’re just going
to break this down
so you want to take one of your loaves
and pop it down on the skin side you
want to just sort of stretch itself out
and this is sort of forming than not on
the bottom of the life and this just
stops it kind of popping out the bottoms
and you button you bake off in the oven
well that one’s everyone itself bring
them in a little bit more flour and you
kind of tie the bottom together
so we’re going to pop these in their
baskets and let them prove up for about
an hour before they go in the oven this
is just to sort of let them rise and
give it give a bit more than more size
when you pop it in the oven you want a
little bit of moisture in there the best
way to achieve this at home is actually
just sort of use use what’s called a
Dutch oven our ovens here actually have
its own sourdough setting that we
programmed into it that’s that’s nothing
more than the knees but it’s it’s not so
that it won’t create as good alike it’s
better for you than other breads because
it’s got that natural yeast in it so it
starts to break down the gluten already
so obvious if you have a gluten allergy
it’s no good but if you just got a
slight gluten intolerance it’s better
for you because it’s easier to digest

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