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Wfpb no oil Pizza and bread dough baking part 2. Dr. McDougall’s, ”The Starch Solution”

Mother and daughter bake WFPB no oil pizza and bread together. Watch as they’re Jane and Ann Esselstyn wannabes running back and forth with their pizza spatula board. What does Dr. T Colin Campbell, “The China Study,” say about animal protein?

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi I’m Laurie welcome to the lady promtoday we’re going to be making somepizza dough’s all right this is notyou’re gonna make pizza use get shoes Ilove how my ten-year-old daughter letseverybody know what I’m doinguse this bring you some fresh mozzarellamaybe you find veganI mean almond or via make some cheese orsomethingmake some plant-based she’s the only oneI found that tastes any good has atapioca base and it’s gooey but ittastes like alfredo sauce which tastesreally good but it does it doesn’texactly taste like cheese to me it’sbeen like three it’s been about threehoursnope two hours it’s gonna be pretty it’sa very wet dough for the Bret I’m goingto use half of this dough to make thembake them a loaf of bread and I flour atthis awesome cheese now you can make amake a little bit granite for it sohappy this is gonna be bread rightthis will be a low I’ll set this off tothe side I mean you I use silicone sothat it’s oil free if that rise off tothe side the new paper ship rise forlike an hour and then you bake it andthen for pizzashe wants a big one so I’ll just have itsee what half hope I like to makeindividual size of pizzas almost allright so here we go you’re gonna Pat outwe’re going to cut this out to make alittle lip I take a cookie sheet I flipit over this is just a silicone in themiddle rack I put it on the middle rackin the oven preheat the oven to 500degrees if you have convection bakethat’s even better if you want to use apizza pan or if you want to use a cookiesheet you can use that too I’m gonnastretch it if you want to be a pro andtoss it like this is a wannabe tosser Idon’t really toss her it’spretty wet dough oops I just wantedafter mozzarella cheese is wet you canuse a paper towel to dry it off butfresh mozzarella it’s definitely thebest if you’re going to use real cheesenow why do I make my family pizza withcheese because dr. Campbell who wrotethe China Study was the one whodiscovered that it he could turn on andoff cancer with 5% of animal protein andwill make them pizza on Saturdays once aweek so that they’re not buying pizzafrom dominos because they love pizza andthey haven’t done all plant-based likemyself take your marinara or your tomatosauce spread it onadd your mozzarella cheeseParmesan that Kayle graded let’s see ifthis I gotta make sure my can sticksliding into the other I slide it likethis and it’ll be done in about nineminutes[Music]when cheese pizza for myselfput veggies on there and I fold it overand make it[Music]don’t wash it I just kind of scrape offthe excess flour and store it for thenext day[Music]keep my little convection oven to 375I’m gonna pop my little loaf of bread inthere separate so while my kids iscoming out my bread winning 30 minutesfor the brains one cheese and veggiepizza for Gary then we wait for it looksready that’s a big loaf of bread

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