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Txt and bts texts | the one that can’t make bread

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Video Transcription

hello guys welcome to the one that can’tmake bread txt and bts techsi hope you enjoy this video please likeand subscribe if you like my contentthank you and let’s get on with thevideoby the way this video is inspired bychimchimtrashpeachy sue vinnie and hot chocolateywhat’s wrong today i went to the kitchento makemyself some food and saw this the poorbreadso who did it not me not menot me not me not menot me not me not mei would never ever do that to the poorbreadwhy would somebody ever do that to thepoor poor poor poor poor innocent breadif i find them they will burn in helland never ever eversee light again it has to be one of youbut hyung namjoon hyung was never onlineit could have beenhim you’re jin why don’t you trythinkingi’m your hyun don’t talk to me like thatnom nom is online guys why do i hearsomebody yelling from the other side ofour housei think he’s yelling at his phonebecause he’s madbecause someone burnt his a piece ofbread on his favorite pannom nom is a flying rm get back here youson of a bitchwow young there’s a kid here i’m not akidi’m 17. they’re still a kid to ust-hand six months you are all kids to mecan somebody tell gin to shut up do youknow how much i spendfor you guys and how none of you seem toappreciate that and show any respectjungkook look at hooning kai and jionjinand that look at usi buy food and clothes and all i get inreturn is you talking back to mewhy are you just attacking me and notthe others there you go againtalking back you’re that’s howconversations work you dumbestyou should lock your door or else yourlife might be overguys chill don’t fight no it’s not thepoor bread is burningnom nom is online hey guys what did imissa lot you don’t wanna know i’m going tothe mallanybody want anything you’re not goinganywhere until we solve thisomg guys just fess up it’s probablynamjoonhe has been so quiet okay so i mighthave found who did iti was just reading our first text whennamjoonfirst talked in the chat nom nom isonlinei see my name are you guys talking badabout meno we aren’t anyways sugar keep textinghow does jimin know that the person usedjin’s favorite penbecause you saw see from the side thatit’s a pan and it says gin on itit’s clearly a plate in the photo jiminhow could you do that to mehow could you do that to all of us guysi’m sorry i burnt it i just wanted tohave grilled cheeseyou could have thrown it away i wantedto give it to y’aunt and red angry faceguys i’m sorry anyways who wants to goto the mall with meme but jimin you’re still in troubleand you have to buy me a new pan meme me me meme me me prettier than you as a flyingdope is a flying cookie is a flyingtate is a flying sugar is a flyingnom nom is a flying repeat after me is aflyingking tihan is a flyinghow dare you now you will have to liveknowing that you put a price of preciousbread into wastebread is life is a flying hey wait formethank you for watching sorry this videowas so crappy i hope you liked it thoughand if you did please like and pressthe subscribe button stay safe

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