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Two Snack Recipes / Bread Nirachath / Cone Samosa using Samosa Sheet / ബ്രെഡ് നിറച്ചത് / കോൺ സമോസ

Chicken Masala for filling snacks- Mymoonz Kitchen:

How to make pastry sheet at your home.. click vdo

Chicken Box /How to make Samosa Sheet at your home / Chicken Parcel / Homemade Samosa Sheet:

A new version of Chicken Kizhi | Chicken Potli Samosa | An evening Snack with Chicken Masala:

Vegetable Samosa വെജിറ്റബിൾ സമോസ:

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

assalamu alaikum a high on welcome back
to my mom’s kitchen in the render snacks
in the recipe on a young karna canal on
the corn some who say on a corn samosa
over endothermal or a – oh it’s you
tonight in the recipe or an inordinate
up um I even am um Bunyan corn samosa
fries Enid imatra carnage say tonight
and another cooler than the video not to
come at eat leg another norm when
decimate no booth or come on DJ allama
Wilton and dark you to condone Alana and
the tribute on the Friday a jaded upon
tyne conduct in the video NASA me at the
Carnac anonymity Tila when a pardon doc
omniVision should be nodding Dakota
Carnac another bread dinner at Sur on
random gender they were served at the
view Dioner top-up umbrella that said
will be darker kalari el comportamiento
combat in the easy snack on a pond a
llama he carried a mahi that a shady car
burned a load of Maine snack Oliver
angle pariah upon Yanni pardon bread the
nurses and Duncan Alana Carnac another
brand America right in the middle slice
a che at the bread a divan under either
cut a vertical turn the bread the wrong
everything he they pull a whole bread
the vomited all over no key to the moon
on Oliver sheet anger container the con
carne didn’t do Lily nomina masala can
that is sure to catch here a bum slice a
the Brad album outer thickness and Amica
could tollana a they’ve all occurred a
that acronym an eternity under no
challenge even the old bag of course she
would have flush out how to rotate our
flesh Chicano question the poor take a
look on we didn’t only lake in the
mellah masala in pouring a mood yoga
which aterna
stuffy though duck another aibum bread
in the only la flesche course Singapore
that anger madre and i’m calendar lil
masala nor should have come it upon
Yanni pump either course on the hall are
cared at the tender even the flush even
do a little the katana or de kirchner on
them Carly and the cover a and I to burn
up in a botulinum could breadcrumbs itu
say yeah
again any any bump ruddiger Cortana
today the flush checkup or Packard at
awaits at under we will render
non-kosher Valley asahi-san and archaea
Donna penis ah Darnell a normal size
alone lucky this pin a bread in double
awaken our occur at the pouring imodium
Burnham Hadiya bowler than a chicken
Thomas Allen Burnham she can the Nevada
Lila prawns Isle a B Phi L AM a denial
of Elendil at Eastern
southern animal airship Athena conductor
now you only point on the nanny
I’m gonna pretend that accommodated
lambda deactivates shirt under it if of
normal size will elaborate inertia
window I will resize an even young
Courchevel exactly to the jnana cut Tama
the further adieu we never de boys know
and he took out Shiva lucky telecard
tailor a Quranic Allah they each area
size allowed in Auroville our Adana
shittaka normal size the material
chevaliers isil and ocular any energy
and unashamed had done a staff a that
initiation acutally Tamaki tollana
periodical what should have come on a
shallow fry is either look upon the
night to the bat run docker up a baton
or knitting any power my they are not
that little cup all America are you
shittin elope without a teaspoon of
oregano rosemary unless your third cup
random or Italian seasoning on either
random naruban danilevich earth ahmadi
and only land and angle Herrera teaspoon
vanilla pod is your third oka and the
day the lake or sugar load she turned
long a bad track Erica what she lose I
tell her a battery on another mnemonic
impaired America car to Camila LM caught
she Waterloo sake tila battery he
brought down the monkey to come back on
the court I could turn one day tell him
at the Indian legend inertia a delay
could remote hang about the choice show
to come another none night on an exact
utica new an imperial a co a teaspoon of
red chili flakes which are total number
any other land angle or add a teaspoon
curry Malaga rhodium shirt or Dhaka and
none I turned on a mix-up here to come
I’m gonna numb atomizer coutore di tenda
any and I chair doesn’t share bread
dough no not as shared kind of a bomb
igniting anybody over under dr. Tunde
adele a konami Guardium chic and a
masala on the North Shore Dhaka a holy
little redundant mono tablespoon or on
chicken masala and our show Dhaka
unattended she under the chair
reporting here muta motive an eye to the
nanny Potro ducking under various is a
brand I don’t
and again I’m kappa gaudy cut pay that
you have future toka I got a white sheet
under you need India Mugen LM course
ahora masala on of it should run off
I’m gonna put it under tablespoon on of
masala wind of it show to the tendon
limited on the cavalry you know cover a
and Nam linear faith in the whole London
Tower apparel and Allah are the gesture
when she turned on the carburetor or
tamale I can already predict an upon our
children he had a totem in a pole
inertia to occur a pom-pom array size
Allah of bread Allah then our aconitine
Acharya Shree yes I celebrate vahanam
emra lamothe Allah away the bakery
silica a good tool and other they go no
business ma at the lobby Carolyn now you
are an homage to took over package long
and a good turn and a part of our gang
go to kill Adam the Lahani they will
occur Taylor – Conda Bonnie on the
larger they could pay the ten never
Rakhi to wait another a bother him he
they my third Ileana another muscle on
that soda can I do what she flushing her
doctor Thomas a lame-o tamed her sure
data in our data bargain when she to
cover a overcome a three she under low
and then I love random the Anaconda
receive eight certainly in Anunnaki the
battery Lancome aikidoka
batter or shallow sighing geometry they
Paulo Brazil aka la baguette them denied
a petition Guto lo tight tight album
Bradley pretty safe tank worship any
Erica upon the gallows a kiyotaka under
t but I did a la vaca take home the
night at 8:00 she would be sure to come
any and ashamed and they change their
name later tongue up or should kind of
food should occur nor now reward on
melee could tongue a pod should ecology
yeah just on the shine of rising either
to Carnegie Mellon I put a nonstick in
the para to come under a delay could
cost sure Louise shoulder come and the
tundish and on a shallot
normally cover a the bar gondola a Donna
are the main leaking of it should look
under either got an item id never known
the car number good agenda more than
mean it took her with Chameli a medium
flame you know robotic Irene Yvonne
asada and I’m gonna bread it all strain
now – Samia my three children burn right
there burned along the bottom denied on
the marine you one no no carnival at a
toboggan a feat sector Boca and the
tavataan and I met in you are no longer
number our data Bagram did shoot
overcome I’m gonna Allah bargain on
light moisture the kana about London a
golden brown color on Bhavna McKeever
are nailing the longer at the Mata
a vibrant energetic appareil or a snack
number diet I a car occurred to me night
la porta potti Lisa Petrillo no kappa
rino the elaborate dollar system rupiah
+ el carro kanakam a night alone on I’m
gonna numb depend upon the love golden
brown attending any pump in the barrels
in the mud of the palatal a commodity
children you needed showed or an amicus
away upon Yan upon the cart Aiden
O’Connell the ingen and our baguette or
chai masala morte aeterna
of Amitabha combi masala Motorhome
Ibrahim ok Honolulu at Eastern
but Larry the hotel Trujillo no Co bread
then also there with a Larry Correia re
at our kiting and is apart Marilyn
Valera butyl and Aki no Peter no –
a vendetta I took on some Messiah and
econo the corn samosa Hannah from pastry
sheet and Akita angry ananda connelly a
Poisson mousse Ishita Deanna Mukunda
come are the night in an aprotic up of
my either dr. Tunde La Cava in an
oak pitcher Toto come under course your
sight of our lowest eternal night it
along tight a key to Costa Rica lucite
album nom de rue sheet in Dhaka gossip
on da de kum mawwaka pirate Erica Monica
panel a tie it tighter than a the new
code acronym
and if I’m gonna cause showed at the
weights attorney you need the Lake
Accord signal on a young a particular
tonight or no word on a karateka
and the day the rouyn-noranda Manticore
on the res stay a night to work up a
param dhama da marvin a night a soft I
could have a pastry sheet in ducking the
Linderman and Oliver you do she should
keep my once kitchen Linda palate
recipes in Dhaka Burma at the carnage
citronella the separate a two maravedi
undertone for description box silly and
had India killing given angle you know I
remember tomahawk or SEO to theater in
either Kissimmee on the nearest a and I
told our dad shoka a burger than a soft
titled Isom am democracy Kenda masala
and naka muka
jnanavan chicken Thomas a lion and
another vegetable or prawn so before
Donna Shalala masala and occur from
chicken an open Malaga money allotted
over which at the chicken on are the
triage area P socket are the owner nail
anonymity should occur and the Darnell
Aparna only occur to Thomas Allen Dark
Eldar letís turn a meat chicken on
alumni turned on the movie never an
Autobot and up today the night would be
Friday and I mean I just remember the
masala and darken the outer and a Laker
it she kind of told cup and the tide
along emerge stirred a family
I’m gonna play the Nanaimo Dino on the
tendon Yanni paper and nail done long
ago he might turn I’m gonna shitcan
Akane and I put the mighty tender he
same and they like an uncanny only anger
toward occur when Yanni pump randomly
medium-sized cellular and only ADA
captain the north along a card table
Adi and I left an enlightening over at
Avignon italiana cartega thumb go arnica
the chop a that the cup of butter
nanowire Naruto
Sawada patent on the wine and they were
tonight a v-shaped interlopers your
throat oka another night another mix-up
here to come open yeah Nadella collar on
them sure that lavanya lavanya melago do
not sure patella our chicken food
shepherd law and i-i don don
you know only keep trend color a little
Indian they say another sure the lake
here n departure Malaga in Utah a short
throw to come a TV never hit a tree or
Nova chamalla go under that is your
third oka variety is for autumn in GM
volatile am sure Kodaka yeah NEPA based
an answer on that L am going on all
night and then amiksak Utica color
another wonder then again – potagooo
London sure Camilla guarana and Alan she
killing any permanent podium on ago you
two were which should have other powder
collar and I li the little a daunting
I’m pretty sure calories are Cannella in
the Lincoln Amica purchase you cannot
talk up an eternal night on the gamete
sack única she can chariot area PE sake
Tipton to fry see another wonder tune
animal attain steady calm if I miss a
Veronica chicken done night Anna pretty
sugar dated anyone betcha under an
O’Shea the lake austin manelick are Eva
pilla I didn’t eat anger with the record
oka a bum Corrigan is ready come email
Lilliput danila kireev a palooka
in early the lake lasted Toto come on a
little flavor and now I’m going to
masala Pam radiates and really flaming
off a the work up I’m gonna upon Marvin
a nice soft eye on that window on the
word again college stood at the tundra
any and that she another she ma which
originally a ballsack Utica no but it
sure is a party developer till in a barn
over another
I got a nanny from Oregon Marvin Pollock
here at the with certainly any and that
she another shiny he bowls or own umpire
theoretical a Bardem she Allegheny on
the challenge her easily aporia keeper a
theater 3000 podium named my day younger
with a record of dr.
pinaud pic of it chez pinaud Avila died
pilot theater theater show daya para
thillix udaya Carla later this summer
sort of RT or the courier I’m gonna Anna
should come sheet and dark another a
professor at enamel cooking in Lake
Astarte the divide in our condom ad is
al abama experience in latter though
initially I take return anomaly
experience or Lorca L my lap or okay
initially I were really a forward amid
certain dark eternity too much show to
aren’t here to come home she eat is a
live from knock or ano under la my the
pudding with arrived in Decorah von
Dhaka she said because good feeling
upon that she and initially they follow
our own eye to our tier 2 comedy a
banana power to mr. Tongan Ishida Akira
Candela overnight on a shiitake oh look
another edevalla validated mother
mae-eye pirate theatre touch’ party
should I even thought of a lake anger
toward Earth eternal night agenda bago a
noir Tilikum flame cultivate on
the chapati hypo Erica Panama corn
samosa nan de combate Ola she relied on
the body of an ahmadi Sardar Nerissa
Musashi Taniya Nevada cut another three
in the Navarre ta-da comedy an arepa
Brenda Bagram the night of our dear dr.
Tunde a mile a departure outta the
connemara curtain of r31 too long corn
samos and a kinetic rebellious I Sultana
chapathi were theater Colonel a bomb in
that giant on the Shanghai Nipigon avati
editor today neither she reaiiy around I
take ritalin and angle and that she and
other shade a upon Nana karta that with
Amelie would’ve a lyrical number sitting
an apologetic around that he caught a
the children he becomes Anwar dear dr.
Daniel stand on the cart a the doctor
and I say that the round bite outta
shape will return one day take a note
and I see under nature add in an on I
took at a the vicuna we got through the
vegetal now I took art a little come
upon them on a variety of Akuma then I
mumble cut tail eating in a round I eat
accordion and mingle if inevitable are
the cheating people showed one designer
shooting Appalachia from other one
adding a variety of initiation
cut tailored with other upon the macaws
same size Sultana go to any my later he
pasted in docu economy anatomica corn
Samos on de condado no cop
a banana from now lighting our tailor
chillin on not at the tender any the
oldest idolater namaka my later paste in
the night to particle to come and that a
data Bhagat acre the corn are scared of
Otis your to come leave a Ebola or two
children all about only lake carnico
Rula masala cannon light a fill light
you could turn angle I’m gonna know to
show the canal any the lake enamel and
agenda nutshell if masala Filch a judoka
when you operate under tablespoon or a
muscle anger toward the tender with a
muckenberger mantra in a Malayalam asana
toward Kibaki London I’m gonna cover a
year and I long I’ve been an epoch I
noted under tablespoon of towards the
tender and that and that she and I mean
shout about that the Megamart appeared
at the joint of an the ba gondola I’d
only like him are to commit Bucky
relevant word apace David – nah my Jenga
cover iya up a year in luck errata pilot
la la begun an IT joint suckin on I am I
the pasting a particle to cannot become
the mother corn samosa ready I tended
sadhana Samos unlock another him easy on
Ishita Cumberland here is a Masonic on
either than ever I’m could readily I’m
under care to come down upon me the
pastry she learned on dark another a
laden a macabre Dylan back Erica bread
today about a cornacchia chitter
Courchevel yes I assume Arnhem in may
look at the Ishita undergrad die alum
course chevaliers I say la Orana angry
album Yoda sighs aluminum cone samosa
Alana integral side shiratama masala
impartial Adama cholo when I cannae
Pelham Anunnaki which it turned a needle
or nail it at of rise able to come over
none line should I have another with a
mono not allowed me channel toward the
children while Eugene and Seattle course
adhigam oil oh you should even go Mugen
mechanic in oil oil sure that Fry’s
either to come hang on II put a moon and
Alan out toward the tundra and the top
medium-low flame will which it over on
the Melissa fry say and car no long a
mood in it crispy a ticket on my father
a medium-low flame then and on another
Inaba though I’m not a more talkative
she told that fries either become a
picnic of rage mmm April on yam para
another wall of an atom flame on on my
quota visited on an islet toad come
another flame course it’ll lower cave
its it or on fries either become a panel
across purana naam kya karna kiyotaka
UNEP on deny fry I’ve on the tendon um
convenient achayan dementia are nailed
on the quarry Mota
a vehicle got shared shariat Enid before
Isaiah Berlin gonna end on a check or
seasame I’m gonna porto-vecchio yell him
outta Christian Okoye poll God’s showing
to the number of the luckless pietila
some another negative cardi come back on
Allah crunchier ticket and I have a
question area theater Donna Frye’s a
Darmody again I’m gonna say mosaic
irradiate and then an appeal any plate
like a survey Anna upon Allah crunchy
throws P italic on samosa al Arkham
Easter my name is Erica a video
converter and the snack semester my
unlikely and maraca Radha when an and in
the carnage a here understand I assume
they are to cooking alluring young
curriculum and become Burton a easy Anna
bread Marcia garlic on Dhaka arrival
agony corn samosa
au revoir Daboo de menthe on another
sheet and economy other one I think any
honor the Felicia’s an Oracle of them
fries you know the car is hit another ke
see Anna um
alarum either will tell try hazel uncle
another Dingell I experienced an order
sherry on America Rada
above yoga – Tamiya like I am cherie and
America Rada subscribe share the Verona
angle a red collar Ella subscribe button
clicking on the videos the qur’anic at
the wall of the nerd at the lab and I
can go depress a layering Eliana / we do
denim American in a car notification of
a peena-pod a recipe you mind um
corundum Karim till then take care and
bye from my mom’s kitchen
thank you

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