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Trying to make a ginger bread house

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Video Transcription

hello everybody and today we are goingto be making gingerbread housethis is the gingerbread house we aregoing to try to be making so we haveeverything out right here we’ve gotginger bread pieces we have the tray wehave little cutouts that we could use[Music][Music]this is the tray right here I see we’vegot to put the icing around the traylike this the icing is basically like aglue for theso we got we got all the back in thereyeah yeah we’re gonna take this pieceright here now we’re going to take thispiece all right you’re gonna step rightthereokay there we go then we’re gonna putthis one right here oh god we forgotsomethingtake these out thank you so these areare some beads okay I totally forgot toice the side Jesushe can cry sometimes okaythat’s what I forgot I got ice Chriswhat – I’m gonna put that back in thereI’m gonna put this back over here youneed the icing yeah because it’sactually very essential in a projectlike this so oh my god why are youeither the icing so this girl this girlright here is eatin my sick her name isImani oh I forgot I put me foreverintroduce myself I’m Isaiah this is thisRose money you’re missin penis of Jaylathis is a gingerbread house so far sothat’s our ginger warehouse we’ve gottenum I see all over yep we got the roof Igot an ice as you can see right here yougot ice bees you got AC you slap itapart[Music]this is a total no yeah it’s going goodyeah kind of some pieces keep fallingoff and they’re not broken this girl[Music]Noyou

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