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Traditional Bread With 100 Years Old Sourdough In A Wood Fired Oven | Masterclass | #DoStathi

Step by step we’ll show you how to make bread with 100 years old sourdough. It’s an educational video and usually you do not get all the secrets. In this video we reveal all the secrets for this delicious bread.

For 12 bread we needed

• 12 kg flour 70% type M
• 4 kg Sourdough
•4-5 Lit. Water

It’s a tutorial video that will guide you to learn how to make this masterpiece.

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Video Transcription

FridayHi friends of Do Stathi’s channel I hope you are all welland I’m glad you’re here! For those of you who don’t know I’m StathisToday we are going to make a very special recipe.I will share with you this recipe process that will last today and tomorrow.Our current recipe is traditional bread ,in a traditional wood-fired oven,with sourdough.This is the sourdough in the jarstored only in the refrigerator.What is sourdough? Is the result of fermentation between flour and water.Every time we knead, we hold a piece and maintain itto use it in the next kneading.To use we take it out of the refrigerator and let it cool to room temperature.They informed me that this sourdough is 100 years old.How they kept it years ago without refrigerators?Years ago without refrigerators there was another way to keep the sourdough in a wooden containereach time they kneaded they kept a piece of doughthey kept it in the wooden container not to dry,because the old days kneading bread was a matter of survival they knead every week,so the sourdough didn’t stay in the wood utensil for a long time and then it was renewed with the new dough.Now i will activate the sourdough or how they call it here the awakening of the sourdough.Today i will activate it and feed it with fourand let it rise for 24 hours.That’s why i told you it’s a two day recipetomorrow after 24 hour i will be back to checkI will repeat the same process and when is ready i will knead the bread.Sure you will have lots of questions but don’t worry i will show you step by step the whole processLet’s activate the sourdough.I will need for that the sourdough ,hot water and 500gr flour.Close look of sourdough.Its texture it’s like chewing gum.In a plastic bowl adding the sourdough.The dosage is 1/3 sourdough for a kilo of flour.After put it in the bowlthen add hot water.I’ll mix it up with bare hands.When incorporated in the water i will add 500gr of flour.After diluting the sourdough I will add the flour slowly.There is a case of needing less than 500 grams so add the flour slowly and check.The flour we use is 70% type M. Classic bread four.Add half of the flour and stir wellWe use so much flour because we want to make a lot of bread12 breadsfor this sourdough after two day feeding process we want to come out at around 4kgOur sourdough is ready ( I used about 300gr of flour ).After we finish we will cover it well and let it rise for 24 hours.I use a plastic film but you can also use towels.Sutarday 10:00 o’clock in the morningTo start the second phase add hot water.We repeat yesterday’s process and showy stir to resolve the mixturethen we add the flour.As you see it begins and dilutes.We are in the second phase of the sourdough activation.Now slowly add flour and mixand we’ll know it’s ready when our mixture starts to set.After we finish and the second phase of feeding leave it for 2 hours to rest.Cover well to keep the temperature high enough for the sourdough to rise.This is John who will teach us how to make bread with sourdough. Hi John!!!!We want you to tell us exactly what we are going to do now.After we have prepared the sourdough.Now we will sift the flourLet’s get start it!!!!We sift to break the pellets of flourand maybe dirt on the flour.I really like your kneading wooden large bowl!!Is traditional of the place made of plane trees.Years ago people for leaving used to hand carves and sells wooden dough bowls.You told me a secret about this wooden bowl to keep it clean. What is that?I do not use detergents to clean it because the wood absorbs and then goes into the bread so i scrape it off with a spatula.Because the wood keeps a good temperature, this bowl helps me to make the bread properly.When you finish kneading, let it rest in the wooden bowl for an hour and right away you will see the difference from a plastic container.Tell us a few words about where to bake the bread?In a traditional wood-fire oven made of clay.With firebricks and clay like the oldies 500 years ago.So we make traditional breadin traditional wooden bowlwith traditional sourdough 100 years oldbaked into a traditional wood-fire oven.Can’t be more traditional than that!!!I have tasted your bread and it is so delicious.Every time i visit John i get 6 loaves of bread because i can’t find such bread in Athens.This was the recipe for bread in the old days.From there you have kept the sourdough?Exactly!Back to the recipe now, so we add 12 kilos of flourand how many kilos of sourdough we need for this amount of flour?Sourdough is definitely 4 kilos.About 6 liters of water.Now we add salt.200 gr of salt depends of your taste.For this amount of flour, salt is ok.I guarantee this is the right amount of salt.With a spatula we mix well the flour with salt.In the middle of the bowl we open a spaceto add the sourdough.We want flour in the bottom of the bowl otherwise the sourdough will get stacked on the wood.We prepared the space to add the sourdough when it’s readyafter the water and we will start kneading.Two hours laterAdding the sourdough now.Add lukewarm water NOT hot so as not to burn the sourdough and deactivate it.Slowly now adding in the center of the bowl and start mixing all the ingredients together.Watch carefully how gently John mix the ingredients.In order to deserve bread i have to help too!!!The bowl sides help us knead the bread properly.From side to side the fold the dough and repeating this move until it’s ready.Move the dough all the time otherwise dough will start get tighten.Put the right amount of water and if necessary add a little flour then to make easier the kneading.This process takes around 20 to 30 minutes and it’s ready.For a proper bread.Kneading is over.Now adding flour on bowl sidesalso on the bottom of the bowl to help us to turn upside down of the dough.Flour is in the surface of the dough and that help not to get stacked on the sides of the bowl.After kneading the doughyou saw how we use flour on the surface of the dough to help it not get stuck on the sides of the bowl.Cover well and let it rest for an hour.After piece by piece we will shape the dough to breads.Kneading phase is officially over.Cover right away not to lose the temperature of the dough after kneading.In cold weather we use more covers to help not lose the temperature. Today is warm and two covers are ok.An hour laterNow we will prepare the utensils to put the breads in when we roll them.Add a cloth and flour over the top so they don’t stuck.Here the bread will swell.We are in the phase of starting to make bread.The dough has rested and raised.For the temperature you understand that is ready.We will need flour to prevent the dough from sticking to the wood.For topping a mix of black seed ( maurokouki ) and sesame.Hot water to help seeds stick on the surface of bread.And a spatula to cut dough into pieces for bread.Before we start add flour on the surface.Piece by piece we cut the dough and right away we cover the rest of the dough not to lose the temperature.Flour not to stick on the cloth.Add bread into the mold.The surface of the bread which goes in the bottom of the mold is the top of the bread when we take out for bake.Bread is ready to bake.Don’t forget to keep dough for our new sourdough.This is the right amount of dough.Work the dough the same way that we did with bread before.Some flour for the surface.Put it in a jar but make sure the dough is below the middle of the jar.Because the dough will triple.In a room temperature when the dough triple add some olive oil on topwe close the lid well, we put it in the refrigerator and can keep it for 4 to 5 months.Next time you want to knead you repeat the some process.After adding fine woods to the bottom and ticker woods the top we are ready to light the oven.When the woods are charcoal we clean the bottom of the oven to put the breads.We take the bread out of the mold and with a knife drawing on bread ( whatever you like ).After an hour at 200 degrees bread is ready.To understand that bread is ready this is the sound.Stack them upright in the wood-fire oven to remove any moisture left oven into bread.Pour some water to soften.Put them in a basket and cover them well until the next day we cut them.I want to thank John for this experience.Thank you so much John.Next time we will light the oven again and make some food.It was a unique experienceBye from Ikaria. Thank you for being here.Subscribe to my channel for more videoshit the Bell to get a notification every time am uploading a new video and share with your friends.Test timeThe bread is delicious with a very nice crustand the crumb is as soft as foam.You can taste the sourdough also.Now you know the recipe make your own bread.

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