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TIGER BREAD RECIPE ☆ How To Make Tiger Bread ☆ Giraffe Bread ☆ Dutch Crunch Bread

Ever wondered how to make tiger bread? Well it turns out, it’s prety easy. Tiger Bread, Giraffe Bread and Dutch Crunch Bread, are just different names for the same recipe. Tiger bread is pretty tasty and very easy to make.

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pre-ferment biga:
• 33 g of wheat flour;
• 15 g of water;
• 0.1 g dry yeast.

• 20 g of pre-ferment biga;
• 300 g of wheat flour;
• 165 g of water;
• 1.5 g dry yeast;
• 15 g of sugar;
• 6 g of salt;
• 25 g butter.

• 40 g of rice flour;
• 40 g of water;
• 2.4 g of vegetable oil;
• 4.8 g of sugar;
• 0.9 g of salt;
• 0.5 g of dry yeast.

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Cook bread always in a good mood, and you will definitely succeed!

If you have any questions – write in the comments. I wish you luck!

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