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Tiger Bread, Cottage Cob & A Traditional Bloomer – How To make Multiple Breads With One Dough

Tiger bread, bloomer and a cottage loaf recipe. Truly British style breads. This video shows three different breads from one dough, and they all have their own unique taste. Learn a few new hand moulding techniques to create these breads. It’s really rewarding when the tiger paste cracks nicely!

You might want to use the bakers formula to reduce the size of the recipe and try just one or two at a time. Or be brave and make all three at the same time!

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Video Transcription

[Music]in this recipe we’re gonna make threebreads with what though now this is areally really standard principle inbread baking communities especially thesmaller old-fashioned cottage style sortof bakeries that a lot of people haveand in their villages or towns they willhate one bosch white dough and they’llmake her bloomer tin bread their rollsbaguettes they might make everything ofone batch of bread and I don’t recommendyou do this it is kind of easier Isupposed to make one dough but as youexpand you’ll be making you wouldn’tmake so much bread it won’t at one timein one batch and your mixing bowl seeI’m making an extra batch anyway and andthen kind of all your bread tastes thesame and so I think it’s best to movearound a little bit but here we can dothree breads that really taste quitedifferent to each other so I think it’sokay we’re going to make today a cottageway nice traditional British bread atiger loaf which is very modern lesstraditional less after that but it’s abit of fun and it’s great for kids andto be fair whenever I say I’m makingTiger bread my friends love it and theytry and steal one from me then the lastbread is a bloomer which would be prettymuch the same as a tiger bread butwithout the pace but with cuts actuallyyou get a completely different flavorfrom the proving technique you couldalso use this dough to make all bloomersyou could make one bloomer if you scaleit down use the Baker’s ratio Baker’sformula so it’s a really good recipelet’s get on with here we’re gonna usesome Canadian white flour now I loveCanadianit’s a car French and it’s got a reallynice depth of flavor but it’s strongerin protein and it’s a little bit morewhy does it less less aromatic but Ijust love it it’s really gritty and isperfect for a bloomer if you can’t getCanadian or when I try something elseonce you’ve done itBritish plows and proper organichigh-quality British flour and can tastereally really similar and work very verywell so we’ve got a kilo of that overthere but let’s do our salt which we’regoing to use 17 grams of salt I’ve gotsome water here which has been kept inthe fridge it’s about ten and a halfdegrees I’m gonna add on 680 grams andI’ve gotta be careful because a bit ofsalt in first Bobby don’t have too muchthings so give this a whisk this we’regonna add in 16 grams of yeastno fancy ingredients really reasonablerecipe let’s get on to it so sevenminutes on the slow mix we are going toalso like this with all the ingredientstogether shucking the flour if thathappens in a bit of water it makes tofall out the bowl that’s fine becausewe’re going to be needing it on it thereanyway then once it gets stuck in thebowl spread it outwe could start now slowly kneading theday we’re just pushing it away andbringing it back in pushing it awaybringing it back you and the trick hereas always just grab all the ingredientsgrab it all into a bowl then we canstart slowly fermenting okay oh he’slooking very strong I actually addedanother two minutes so it’s nine minutesin total but a slow needed that thereason I had a little bit more time is Icouldn’t quite see enough strengthcoming from the dough which I can now nowe’re going to as always pop it back inthe fridge for ten minutes just tenminutes and that are the dough to keepdeveloping nice and slowly keep makingit nice and strong Brutus structure andready for fast mixing now if we wereusing a snow mixer I would have saidseven eight minutes straight slow mixingwould be absolutely fine you wouldn’tneed to do the other lines but this justsaves a bit of energy it allows us tohave a little rest and be prepared to dothe fast mixing but it is quite astrenuous task it’s good to have alittle rest sometimes okay so after theten minutes we’ve pulled out freshand we’re gonna shut the down the tablebut before that we’ll start our timerfor seven minutesnow this little beauty should be niceand elastic look at that okay pop downnow is really nice and strong loves itokay what we do now is we’re gonna foldit pretty boom on each ball and pop itback in our bother here that we have thedry ingredients the flour in the yeast alittle bit of flour in it so cover thatpop it in the fridge for an hour I’mgonna get my oven on because it takesthree hours for a mind to heat up withthe stone in there to the optimumtemperature just bear that in mind threehours time three and half hours thiswould be ready to go into the oven fromthat so an hour rest fold another hourrest and then we start dividing scalingand it’s a little bit complicatedbecause we’re making three bread so wewon’t time it right so what come to thatwhen we get to it so after an hour thedough is rested and we’re going to doour fold so take out the bowland very lush not stretch the stretch nostretch okay then just to knock out abit of air roll it over like that introuble for another hour in the fridgewe’re now going to divide up okaydon’t get rid of the bowl just yetnow we’re going to make three loads outof this – the first one a bloomer andthis is going to come out about 4 8 5not 4 90 grams here and then this bitdown here this is gonna be our cottageload about six hundred and sixty gramsthis oh just put folder to knock all theair out of itand this can get wrapped up and put backin the fridge now the reason for that isthe extra development time will reallyreally help this from not exploding inthe oven and it’ll mean that the doughis a little bit more strong a lesserratic which we want because we don’twant it to lose its shape so and theother reason is that with the timing ofthis bread it won’t it will be ready atthe same time as these are ready to goin the oven and I haven’t got enoughother capacity to fit them all in at thesame time so doctor going the fridge inthe second now we’re just going to movethese into bones which again soflattened over over and each time I’mpushing in we’re gonna get rid of a bitof bear and we’re just taking thelongest side until it kind of gets to apoint where it doesn’t really want to goanymoreand then we just put it forwards cut ittowards us and that’s a corset backthere notice can now be left to rest forabout five minutes and that will justallow everything to relax and it wouldbe ready to pop to mold in our foilingshape now for this I’m just using apizza peel and but you can use a woodenboard you can use trayand I’m just having a little bit ofwhite flour and a little bit of semolinathat should just do enough to stop itsticking okayso let’s go take him the first one thatwe did flat it out first stretch it outand we’ve kind of got a a rectangle hereyes that bit bare folds in these bits atthe side fold over like that and you’recreating tension by making that strongokayfold that over fold it over again justkind of pinch at the edge there andthat’s it you can give it a little thingat the side just to tidy it up and thatwill do you so let’s do it againflatten like that and then flip it overgot a rectangle over to the sides overagain over again and over again if youdon’t like the edges you can always justgive it a little bit of a roll out likethat just to smooth it up a little bithappy days that this will be left nowfor pulling around half an hour 3/4 ofan hour it may skin up so we may need togive it a little bit spray of water or abit drizzle of water over the top justto stop that happening but hey we’regoing to leave it about half an hour andthen we’ll take a look at them and seehow they’re progressing so we’ve leftthese to rest for about 10 to 15 minutesand that’s just allowed to gluten torelax a little bit next up we’re goingto shape them for their final molebefore we do that we’re just gonna goout to pills and if out no but you canpeelshe’s longtail otherwise we get introuble something’s going to go away ruba bit flour on top there that will dodrop okayslightly dusted surface over here we’regoing to take the first one that we didit’s dried up a little bit it’s got aton bits good in it that’s okay so we’regonna flatten a bit more I’ll just takeout as much air as we can which shouldhelp it we can much more even donkeyokay so first of all we’re just gonnatake I’ll roll from the top there downand then again down okay then we’regonna tuck sides in like that and thisis going to be about the width of ourloaf more even that is better again youcan give a little bit of tap now if youwant to knock out a bit more air andthen we start rolling this over and thenwe’re gonna have this little bit hereGeorgie you’ve got a little Ridge thereand you want to make sure that’srelatively even because if you have atoo much on that side or over there thenit’s gonna make your bloomer or yourtarget bit if that’s gonna but that’sgonna be uneven so we’re gonna from itso let’s see which we are we’re in agood place if not we can give a littlestretch with our fingers as we push itdown keep going around and you can justgive it a little tap like that right nowthat is fine as it isyou may choose just to give it a littlebit of curve with your hands just tomake the edge of the bit softer so whenwe go now the trick is when you do twoor more is that you want to do the ballthe sameso that’s they’re the same shape solet’s see here we go see it’s not hereand a kind of rectangular shape yeahfold that one over there and again thentake a size fold that one over theremight want it relatively similar to theother size it’s just looking thatslightly narrower that’s okay we justflat out over here there we go then rollover roll over again and just took overthose bits there like that just roll itout like that just to make sure it’s allnice and smooth if we want to we cancheck the sighted have to never go tobloomin so they’ll prove up and they’llbe they’ll be just great little bloomersover or we could decide to paste onewith Tiger paste which is exactly whatwe’re going to do so I’m just movingslightly to the side I want to make surethat they have enough space to growespecially this is how they’ll be whenthey go in the oven as well so you leaveit like that now to prove for aroundabout 45 minutes maybe hour and a halffor depending on the temperature of thedough and temperature of the room okayso our two bloomers one was blue almostwhite brick I’ve had to do their thingbut the next stage is we need to makeour tiger paste not to do that we needquite a few ingredients so we’ve gotsouls which using normal tables up herejust because it’s broken down it’s fineI’m not going to get too precious aboutthe top in a little bit of sesame oilwhich secret ingredient ground rice orrice flour it’s the same thing thismakes the topic a bit sugar to make itgo the colorthus far you don’t need that some warmwater together east a bit more activatedand some yeast so so 90 grams of thisrice flour stuff okay then the sugar 15grams now the salt our four grams worksbest here okay next the yeast which isyes for the yeastI’ve been doing by site so we’re lookingat about five grams here zero that againand pour it nice and close to it so wewant to add some of this warm water andyou kind of do it like consistency andyou’ll find the every Baker theprofessional world kind of as their kindof consistency that they like to worktoo so and also it depends between thetypes of rice flour and things like thatin it it’s just good I’ll show you theconsistency you kind of want it runnybut not watery okay so this is like themost important bit but consistency solet’s just take a look at that you’vekind of got it thick enough to spread ifit’s too runny it will just run off andyou won’t have any thickness it was toothick it will just bake hard thing ontop and it’ll take you ages in the oventhis is kind of what the bestconsistency okay and we’re going to justleave that for about five minutes andthat would just develop a little bitmore use to get going a bit more andthen I’ll be ready to put on top of ourdough alright so it’s been five minutesjust give us another little stir you maywant a bit more water on the side of youthink it needs it was the flour absorbsa bit that is looking yeah pretty muchbang on I think yeahwe’ve got a little bit love look butwhat you know spread okay what a littlelittle tip to do when you’re provingyour bread is it sometimes it does getskinned and we didn’t always want thatso what you can do it’s just to takeyour hand with a little bit of watersometimes tepid what was pretty goodlike this one is now and just give you alittle brown butter and they’ll juststop the skin forming and lie the dataproof obviously don’t push it too hardyou just push lightly and if it’s anybits of resistance you just add a bitmore water okay so that’s that one donenow we’re going to apply the tiger pasteto other bread before we do that we justwant to make sure that the bread isgonna come off the board here and thatthey’re nicely apartyes okay so dudes my hands you can do itwith a pastry brush like a big brush ifyou wanted to and but I’ve always foundit worse for your hands just just aswell so just rub it on top basically[Music]I try to get an even coverage all aroundthe outside as well and I say even youknow around the outside through to thisthere’s no areas missed you don’t wantto get too much in this line down hereif you can decide we’ll just stick tothe bottom of the thing you know justlook a bit not really very wellpresented and then of course on the topit’s gonna be irregular so it doesn’treally matter too much about how perfectthe top looks that’s kind of good ifit’s a bit irregular kind of aids thelow so we’re gonna leave this on it foranother 15 minutes and I’ll just allowthe juice to keep going and gettingactive and it’ll also just mean that itis so we leave it on here for about 15minutes and during this time the yeastis gonna get more and more active sothat it will shoot up and create thislittle cross going on there’s a regularcross that you expect to see and alsoit’s good it with dear to the bread soyou kind of need to do a bit of bothyeah so while that’s there we’re goingto go and grab the cottage loaf out ofthe fridge and start molding that sowhile the type of bread and bloomers arejust started over there proving we’regoing to crack on with our cottage laterso this has been in the fridge nowthat’s just cool the dome slowed it downthat has been that long development it’sthat it has effect have been our driveto folds so it’s nice and strong ithopefully that will mean what we reallywant with this stove is that it doesn’texplode in the oven yeah so we want areally kind of tire at least a littlebit but not so much that it doesn’t riseand go last a line crispy this is veryvery hard loaf to get the timing rightbut very rewarding when you do so firstof all let’s get throw out onto thetableand this is going to be one life firstof all we’re gonna just divide it intotwo piecesokay one’s got to be a 70% ones 30Pacific okay and they can be at the topand the 70% is going to be the bottom ofthe lake so let’s go for round here andwe’re just gonna roll these over moldthem into a ball try and get as much airas possible because we want to do thisnow and let it relax we don’t let itrelax but it’d be too hard to shape andwe’ll end up getting it irregular soabout that in the second timepush air out okay so believe that therest now for about 10 minutes 10 minutesgonna be probably my perfect time beforeit starts getting a little bit gassyokay so now we’re just gonna take ourbody okay semi this one and now we’reready for the real magicso this boa comes up here this one comesup here and we’re just gonna pop him ontop like that and then this guy it’sjust got to push right in like that okayand hopefully this would be right in themiddle and the more the center we canget it the better if you’re noticingit’s going a bit too much one way tryand lift the bottom over and move itaround a little bit yeah that is lookinggood okayso you can get little bit flour and I’lljust help that whole will probably giveit a little poke a bit later on as wellas little you get a little bit bubblelike that pop it now easier now laterokay so I’m gonna lightly dust the wholething so we’re gonna cut this straightawaynow to cut it we’re gonna use our bladeor our lame and we’re gonna do each cutsgoing to go one and then leave a gap andthen on there you don’t want to do acontinuous line you need to do one thereand then one there okay so let’s trythat nowone two we’re doing equal space apartokay gorgeous gorgeous okay so onceagain we’re just gonna make sure it’snice and even or as even as we can getit give this a little poke yeah but yeahany of these that wide it’s not quitecut properly just keep a little trim nowand then just slide it onto our traylike that and then that will they’llprove well I say prove it it’s gonnahave to be proved but it’s more justrelaxing because we don’t want it to goup too much more we want it just torelax and rest and just settle a littlebit and we’re gonna do that the sametime these go yeah okay so we’re readynow with our tiger bread that’s startingto crack if you see that now that meansthose cracks will go into the dough sofor our bloomer we’re just going tolightly dust and you do get more evenresults if you use a sieve and sieve itover pretty good use at once it could bemore up so it’s up to you and thenwith our cutswe’re gonna go one two three four andlook one there cheeky little folk doingany that you like course a minimum ofthree preferably average of four fiveprobably the top so yeah brilliant sothat’s great it’s gonna go straight inthere for now a load of steam it’s gonnabe 250 on my oven and then we’ll drop itstraight down to 230 and bake for about3035 minutes before it goes in justgonna again make sure that it’s gonnacome offand especially this one here because ofthe pace on the bottom might okaylooking goodokay so we’re ready with say back thenand that will really that steam willreally help create that crust thatgolden colored crust that we associatewith the tiger bread so oh we go withthat 2:30 I’m just gonna put the top andbottom heat on just for five minutesjust to get that temperature back to 230so we get that right color on our breadthis Tiger bread really darken to thatcolor turn this guy over Nookay so I’ve dropped the temperaturedown to about 210 just because it wasgoing a little bit golden and alsocouple minutes ago I just released thesteam and that will help get that niceSheen on to the bread and have the colorgo to the right color on the crust sonow we’re gonna heat our stone up readyfor our cottage loaf to go in cottageloaf is here so what we can do is onceor twice I’ve just gone along and justdip my finger in the bottom there andI’ve just kind of like kind of pulls itall tight makes reinforces the hole andjust make sure that if it’s going oneway if it’s going like that whale orsomething I’ll just bring itI’ll use my finger and just pull thewhole thing this way and poke it downthat’s what we really wanted to do ishold its shape if it’s at all sidewaysit will fly off in the oven and I reallyreally hope this one doesn’t so yeahokay so we’re gonna check up on ourbread I’ve given it a quick turn andokay we’re doing pretty well so just alittle bit more color I think when itcomes out the light is a little bit paleso check it in there for another let’ssay three four minutes and that shoulddo us and there we have it three lowsone day you’ve got a beautiful tigerbread nice Canadian blue your mother’sgonna got really nice cross look at thathow those cracks are formed in it that’sgonna be really really nice crust andthen you’ve got a beautiful cottage loafhere which is yeah that’s gonna bereally really fun to eat a really reallyfavoriteso yeah free breads one day I urge youto give it a go you know maybe one ofthem worked out as great as you want itto but it’ll be really really fun andreally worth practicing[Music]

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