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The reluctant farmer – making bread

Bread is a staple food. Simple to make… Right?

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Video Transcription

just me and my bro et bonne say hey Edieyou know what if we treated baking toolsweapons this is a classic t upon arecipe something I just picked up in amagazine the other day and supa dupatryna like it give it a shot today[Music]didn’t realize that when I started thisbread recipe 20 hours late are you goodto hang out for 20 hours there even sothere is the beautiful finished productyeah hmm no problem so full disclosurewhen I actually made this bread Itotally it up I put in way toomuch salt way too much yeast had tostart over I’ve actually done this breadbefore but the second time I did itapparently I didn’t read theinstructions and I also realized thatthe reflection of this window makes melook super the shadow herethat’s an awesome mustache right[Music]

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