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The prep for the baking of the sour dough bread………

There are many methods for baking sour dough bread. You can use a sheet pan, a baking stone or a dutch oven.
My preferred method is a pizza stone sprinkled with corn meal.

Bake at 475 for 30-35 minutes.

with a pan filled with water at the bottom

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Video Transcription

yesterday I baked sourdough breadthere’s many ways that you can bakesourdough bread you can bake it on abaking stone like I have or you can usea cast-iron Dutch ovensome people even put them on a pan Iprefer the baking stone and you alwaysput a container at like that now we’regonna bake this for three for 75 for 35minutes I literally had to let this setovernight so the dose here and there itis and then I’m just gonna cut acrossenough oh this isn’t really dark sharpenough but I don’t have my old sourdoughyeah so and then I’ll wash that linenoutand to the bottom I added cornmeal andsome people put a cornmeal on the toptoo but my family doesn’t like that sothis has to cook quit 35 minutes andthen I’ll show you the finished productlater have a great morning

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