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#sundayfunday #slabcity #bananabread How to Bake Banana Bread in my Makeshift Soup Pot Oven

Just a quick look around Camp Eden in the front bird garden where I made a bird bath out of a Sattelite dish and some gems traded to is. Also a look at our makeshift shower (temporary) and kitchen. Then we get a look at my camp oven where I’m baking some fresh banana bread to take to the Sunday Funday potluck at Camp Last Resort with our good friends💜
Happy trails yallz

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Video Transcription

how do y’all well I just wanted to letyou see even a little bit this is ourgarden that we came with but now we’veadded the bird bath and the onionscoming out and we have some large seedsand had some stuff here started we’llsee what pops up some papaya andpomegranate and then we our makeshiftright now this is our makeshift showerkitchen refrigerator and I just wantedto show you I am baking some bananabread for Sunday Funday in my camp oventhis thing doubles as a sink washer andoven and a big pot for soup and thenover here I have banana pancake the bigfat one for Sunday Funday anyway y’allhappy Sunday

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