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Star Diamond Styles Ep. 9: Brooklyn Bread Lab – Leah Morrow

We are delighted to share with you the eleventh episode of STAR DIAMOND STYLES – the third eye of luxury – where we connect to the deeper essences of luxury and with the people involved in creating excellence.

Episode 11: #Brooklyn Bread Lab – Exec. Pastry Chef, Chef Leah Morrow

Boasting the largest stone mill in the #Northeast, Brooklyn Bread Lab allows Exec. Pastry Chef Leah Morrow the freedom to create and perfect her wide array of pastries. Leah has a #passion for what is known as the “Grain Revolution.” The Bread Lab hopes to educate each guest on the importance of #natural, #organic ingredients and the science behind incorporating bread into your #diet. Many top #pastry #chefs travel to the Bread Lab to add their flavor to the mix, giving ideas and adding new flair to the creations made here.

The Bread Lab offers both #children’s and beginner classes for people of all ages to enjoy. The class is an introduction to the many intricate techniques that are involved in bread making. Students will learn from Chef Leah Morrow herself, learning how to make either a #rustic “Country Style” #loaf or #sourdough bread, depending on class level. Adult classes will teach how to make dough from scratch, the science behind #wheat, how to mill wheat at home and the health benefits of good bread. Other classes are also available with the ability to learn about #pasta, and #pizza making.

This Brooklyn staple is the sole provider for all of the bread at The Williamsburg Hotel. When one dines at the hotel they will notice the fresh bread and pastries which are available for them to try and know that Leah had a hand in its creation.


Brooklyn Bread Lab: @brooklynbreadlab
The Williamsburg Hotel: @wburghotel

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