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Spicy Bread Omelette Recipe ||How to make Bread Omelette ||Shahanas cooking

Shahanas cooking Special Bread Omelette

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome to China’s cooking assalamualaykum evening our Nakano Dec recipeayah but the bread armlet turn on aspicy it’s an alimony niblet of late andendocrine and Kanaka today i willescalate wanna cook tal ki ng box reciperight – mother butter a bad listener canduck Erica Matheny choc pee on TheBachelor incident breakfast recipeattack and a cucumber – a penny into theduck and I’m Kanaka anybody would showup or the toggle kill anybody seyeballing it patelliday other akash notget taught another moon and thePachamama lucky the torta today thelanguage opener mm I hope that canchange it okay let’s go up earlylanguage and I take a cleaner ton ofmoneynacho operand economic about the tablesoccer fact evenly Sienna and Leonardcite each other I didn’t have the I tookat dinner to tell you the under bodycould total tindernobody are the other TSP Kashmiractually publisher torta today thericcati is put my nail polish a totaltodayPina Radhika gnarly at garnish atOakland now I let the deal support eachother in our leg Gubbio GT of Qatarelaborate Daniel Ostler committee on thehelipad omelets not your cup in ourmovement a good potato generation havenot added chip at the petite color lookat this creative and again Malagaboarded olive Oh back shamrock inTahlequah new recruit Erica cudamalloceveryone equally Volvo detailer torta inthe night timox I can share shankaddictive opiate Orca in an unknownactor today I’m ready to go Peter Torkare booboo details do not know that ChadCara and a pattern thereio a kidnapper on my colleague on the 10days depending on a frypan you mightattend a guillotine I’m sure I know eachother today back to ironing a patrol carin an Adobe replied the Guru blooddinner slice wedgie that in the mayelect him of teleported on my shortattended damn kombucha bava kamma TTfrypan Lavaca he asked me lower flamelit ahmadi le patenella kannababuhe began chair ever digital in the maila new telugu tamil Georgiaand about to connect virtual tamale Javacomity to a torta never did in a Malibudo i Adam expect academics were shorterand about to caress Anunnaki for time ofthe Roberto chilly but rent and okudaroom but then I like rasputin’s membertassiedevil Oh Rollie off like militatedcan do power valve and of our entireMauricio Cana figured into every bar themoving him and Monica market oka the lawof libel attorney Amanda cara cara highphlegmy leaders a toboggan Ganesha hevomited Anoka market Orca happen I don’thave about the till this then dobobbin on I would never never attempt Ican’t a said I would look and I saidabout my collar Omaha do you have nowThank You batter Lou Gillian together adivided agree on that Kirika today areavailable a fast idea hotel cusco legover that divorce report a car methanolevery you see the city Arnold and Ipositive action is you know and Ipattern and I can come at an onerousappearance but bread dough move timewith learning a later pattern or I see amechanical and push down here at thebargain of karate legitimacy to mm ivorycirca you have two tasks and I will loadthe player Ganesha are you wanted in mypast yet Allah and I just say it open onI’ve already eaten unlock a lot of sayit ever night a lot of money on thetable no matter a sketch a bread omeletover the edge of the pan never tryseeing across think he’s tiny like Ian Itherefore thin it sherry Jana Martellathe end a Charlie he knew subscribeachiara condo subscribe eg here singlesee it Beca IKEA thank you

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