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Sourdough Rye Bread Recipe ☆ How to Make the Best Rye Narochansky bread with malt

Rye bread is known in Belarus under the name Narochansky. It has a rich, pronounced taste of malt, and acidity, characteristic of most rye breads. The sweetness in it is almost not felt, so this recipe for rye bread is perfect for sandwiches or croutons.

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RECIPE REY BREAD – Narochansky:

• 34 g of rye sourdough 100% moisture;
• 212 g of rye flour;
• 136 g of water.

Malt product:
• 233 g rye flour;
• 40g mashed potatoes;
• 70 grams of red Rye Malt;
• 5 g cumin;
• 330 g of water.

Sponge dough:
• all leaven;
• all Malt product.

• all Sponge dough;
• 90 g rye flour;
• 142 g wheat flour;
• 14 grams of salt
• 15 g of honey;
• 15 g of the concentrate of rye malt.

I begin the preparation of Narochansky in the evening. First I prepare the mashed potatoes, and then I prepare the Malt product. Then I knead the leaven.

In the morning I prepare the Sponge dough, and then-the dough.

ATTENTION!!! Send the bread blank to the oven for baking only when the blank is very well fermented! It should increase in volume and be covered with many small bubbles that look like small pores on the test.

Rye Narochansky bread is obtained with a fairly dense crumb and a bright aroma of malt. There is a pronounced sourness in the bread, which will be appreciated by lovers of rye breads. Sweetness in the taste is almost not felt. Therefore, this bread is suitable for sandwiches or croutons.

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