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Shortner: How to Make Pineapple Banana Bread

This time your chefs are coming straight from Florida with a deliciously themed Florida recipe! Catch the thrills, the chills and certainly the spills as the Shortner chefs attempt to teach you how to make bread.

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Video Transcription

welcome welcome to shortener this is a
very special tropical island version of
shortener please welcome our guests miss
Benson Daniels now before we get into
things we’ve been getting a lot of fan
mail here let me get the fan mailbox out
do you know where we put it alright
ready ready to do some bat mail yeah
let’s find it I found it
so our first piece of fan mail says show
some skin from on Dianna especially
specifically Tyler
and now we have a Madi it doesn’t matter
if the chef’s don’t know how to cook
because those beefcakes are the real
culinary masterpieces from your loving
wife Thank You Maddie you’re the reason
we keep cooking okay all right good good
good all right so on this episode since
it is a tropical theme we’ll be making a
pineapple banana bread loaf
two cups flour here it’s the short okay
so after the flour we need one teaspoon
of baking soda 3/4 of a teaspoon baking
powder should we address a problem yeah
3/4 of a teaspoon of salt so you can
salt get that salt there’s lots of salts
in there I didn’t check that it oh right
– right – right yeah to the right go
right like hard right it said either
maple syrup honey or agave okay I felt
weird about using maple syrup so we said
okay okay so we have our flour baking
soda baking powder and salt and now we
will add all the amazing good readings I
don’t know why these rotations up like
this exam cups I guess it’s time to
shoot there goes my mom is calling all
right Deanna on you’ve heard the bananas
yeah that’s okay okay so we need one of
the 1/2 cups
overripe mashed bananas
yes okay how much do you mean we’re like
one and a half cups of mashed bananas
yes I do not know the math on
translating bananas into cups so we need
to add our crushed pineapple drained and
that is half a cup banana oh not my
first rodeo now so depending on how
coconut and milky we want this it says
three tablespoons of coconut milk and
then it says three tablespoons of oil
for additional milk so we can’t just do
six tablespoons of this leche de coco
okay it’s not like banana liquid I don’t
think yeah I don’t think it’s okay here
we go ready Oh Tyler the vanilla boy why
don’t you get us two teaspoons of pure
vanilla extract in that mix
whoo okay I think I have found the
conversion Wow banana is half of a cup
mashed that’s impressive nice we figured
them out that way yeah might as well
Oh two teaspoon it’s time to stir that
into a batter now once we formed a
batter do not over mix smooth it into
the prepared listen I would never
understood that yes in the future if
anyone can tell us how to over stir a
batter bake at the center rack 25
minutes then do not open the oven door
at all but turn off the heat and let it
stand in a closed oven 10 additional
minutes well we’ll check back in later
when we have a cooked by a banana
I’m gonna go to Authority tonight
hello viewers from Wyoming lately
this is Aiden James he’s made me a
little man and now switching to
shortener shortener okay lieutenant
Macbeth’s in make you be make you pay
oh let’s have a cleansing this year this
is what the banana bread looks like all
righty well what happens if you eat too
many bell peppers I’ve heard this one
many times it might be a little
offensive how do we feel upbringing of
religion show how that’s a good a
bottled water joke I’m a little
concerned I’ll be honest how do you make
holy water viewers from me boil the hell
out of it Catholic I can hike I could
know I was a pretty offensive

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