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This Quick Sandwich Recipe is one that has withstood the test of time. For years, it has come to the aid of people who need a quick snack to appease a sudden hunger pang. It is a popular snack with kids and office-goers, and is sold commonly in canteens and bakeries. It is a wonderful snack to accompany tea, because it is both filling and tasty,

Veg Mayo sandwich:
Bread Slices -2
Mayonaise -2 tbsp
Chilli flakes
Black pepper powder
Salt to taste

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hello friends welcome to longer as aclam today I’m going to help my motherto make yummy sandwiches if you enjoythis recipe subscribe to language classone of the better sandwich feeling so hagot to go[Music]Kerrickyou can use cabbage on the juice if youwant and yes and this cucumber andtomato[Music][Music]we’ve got pizza[Music]selectand I’m going to squeeze some lemonjuice inside the filling[Music]it makes think made instead for thefilling some exist well you I’m gonnakeep the filling up I’m gonna have abread slice without the crust and I’mrandom spread genital bread I’m going toapply some butterthe bread is ready top of the bread thatwe add black butter burger to hide themixture that we did before and apply it[Music]rather than to take this bread and putit on top of this breadnow let’s cut the bread now look you canas it is ready to serveyummy sandwich is ready to solve trythis recipe at home like share andsubscribe to wrangle c-clown

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  2. Very tasty breakfast and evening snakes also my dear friend two in one I like it dear friend very beautiful making

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  5. romba useful video,, time saving and healthy recipe,, thanks for the share,, new friend here,, pls subs and stay connected,,

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