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Pita Bread – How to make soft and chewy 100% whole wheat pita bread at home (no oven)

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About The Yum Yum Yogi: Luscious Plant Powered Recipes – Learn to cook with love by watching these cooking demos, which not only guarantee delicious, easy to make soups, salads, sauces, snacks, desserts, and main dishes but also teach how to meditate while cooking. The Yum Yum Yogi cooking demos are an eclectic mixture of vegan and sattvic food with a tendency toward ethnic cuisines along with tips on how to have a spiritual connection with the food and those who will be eating that food. The aim is to touch and fill the heart as well as delight the palate and nourish the body. Eat your way to a clear and calm mind. Here’s to a new you!

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Video Transcription

welcome to the yum-yum yogi today we
will be making light soft and chewy 100%
whole wheat pita bread and while cooking
let’s remember I’m able to face all
types of challenges because I know how
to keep my mind clear and calm there are
three important steps to making this
100% whole weight and light and fluffy
you make a tank song and to make a Tang
song you add two tablespoons of flour in
half a cup of water in a saucepan and
bring it together like you’re seeing on
medium-high heat then transfer this
tangs on to a small bowl and let it cool
and now let’s add in a bigger bowl some
yeast and some sugar to activate the
yeast and about a cup and through to
three tablespoons of water and whisk
till it all blends together
and let it stand for about five minutes
before adding the whole wheat flour you
can either use whole wheat flour I’m
using chapati flour which is also
another kind of whole wheat flour but
you can use whole wheat flour if you
don’t have chapati flour and now add
some salt and this is the second
important step you add two teaspoons of
wheat gluten and I’m mixing by hand
because we do not need to knead this
dough for too long and now add after the
first set comes together
now add the tang song and just knead for
about two minutes and the dough should
be wet if it is not wet add a couple
more tablespoons of water there it
should be wet like that and now let it
rise for about an hour and a half there
like that and it should form gluten
strands see those are gluten strands
and now divide the dough equally about
eight you will get eight of them and you
let the dough balls sit for about ten
minutes before you start rolling them
out like you’re saying and for this much
I made hundred grams of dough balls and
400 grams each of dough balls you get
seven inch disks and they have to be
about 1/8 of an inch thick
they’re 1/8 of an inch thick
about 1/4 centimeter and now let’s cook
it on a skillet on medium heat you cook
the first side for about 30 seconds and
then once you have bubbles like that
coming up now flip on the second side
and cook on the second side for 3
pressing the PITA like you are seeing
this is an important step to make sure
that the pitas puff up so keep pressing
it down 3 minutes on the second side and
now flip back and cook for another 2 and
1/2 minutes on the first side and every
time you flip you have to keep pressing
it down and you have to keep coaxing the
pita bread to puff like you’re saying
this is a fail proof way to puff your
pitas and keep a cloth handy there
that’s almost done and transfer it to a
cloth and cover it don’t expose it to
air because it’ll dry out and now let it
cool for about 5 minutes before cutting
the pita and opening the pockets up you
will be able to open it up pretty
quickly because they puffed up and this
is so flavorful you have to try it it’s
so easy to make so flavorful if you
follow all the three important steps I
told you you will
get really amazing pita bread like that
but before we taste it let’s remember
I’m able to face all types of challenges
because I know how to keep my mind clear
and calm
okay let’s taste this see how soft and
airy this is
this is how it looks inside
it’s really good it’s chewy and light
and delicious
this is significantly better than the
store-bought one you should really try
it at home yum yum

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