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Pinoy bakery How to make bread rolls from the scratch


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Video Transcription

[Music]hello guys gonna bread roll guysbread roll pop and the lemon Prietasardine yeah and then preparing aPokemon ingredients it for you I knowyouyes try this now you know be new haikuenjoy this I’m Ally gum gum not too bigyeahtapas it look sang it look color hidingbuy some milk fresh milk salt 1/2teaspoon salt tapas 1 any hot tablespoonof sugar butter flour yeahan OB sign up not in guys yeah so go upon them and the lemon pour or breadrolls prepare put iron on borrowed I see- guys – the bowel Papa spoke like aputana marina andand guys[Music][Music]you know what I think I’m all right niceI’ve been over that[Music][Music][Music][Music]these guyssticky pop push of ice bug again tastyHIPAA push a in Photoshop lady Lady Gagaberries big lump on her Enid ice verysneaky papa[Music]yeah[Music][Music][Music][Music]you’re not not actually today’s forumare super soft super very easy locationdicedouble-size do better the shaft[Music]yeah massage it when I should’ve beenguysnice[Music]and I’m sure guys live here nothing beenyeah[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music]unless milena guys in a gosh Akula along holidayspancha pancha hello you size- yeahmoney maybe not like the bridge rules[Music]so yeah Nepean show guys they arecutting bread rules and Paulette managerguys 30 minutes he rise upholy nothing shy guys holy nothing shinytall guys see you after 30 minutes dohnow here the culprit I need two guysnothing even put it I’m gonna sleep onattention sandals I do nope in officialice it will of sham dog of a guillotinegarnish[Music]but that was this is tying up on AvenueI think though I don’t know you I thinkthough guys miss it by hand uponattention whom the grace apnic of Ashado you not go not in your guy’s neckdouble-size nakusha guys learn the graceofficial guys anyone I did push I’m notgonna tell you nothing it I know you eggyour side to usnice Apple guys don’t pop in then I’mcool daysupergun dine Apple guysI wonder who’ll answer to us NarutoPasha don’t empanada Nanjing Gilanyways bread rolls yeah you preheat tonot a new oven guys ready to cook myPorscheyeah and ready – nope I’m adding breadrolls guys you know the grace of thePasha and Apulia yeah and guys thepreheat gonna I know you openyeah Nicole knocking open up samosa25-degree oh yeah I’m gonna preheatnakusha I see my Jamal a big paw hepassed a couple attenuating bread rollsyeah I ain’t paid enough we pass a fewrotting bread rolls guys pass up thekarate guys tangling up on our teen youa teeny little blue tuna pusher guys I’mgambling yeah Wow guys very deliciousand push our ice whoaperfect perfect push our guys forbreakfast and for dinner but innerimpose on lunchyeah nice to not put your I think redbread rollsyeah and up with your guys Oh thing onyou POokay so my second poll a teen push okaysueWow I’m set up perfect OSHA Gracie andput a super pic for PIC bread rollspalawan opponent against my Palamonpoisonlady’s choice I’m getting subpoenas canput are you guys okay today okay so Iknow guys[Music]perfect forget 99 Philemon lady’s choiceso they working when I’m happy andthis is my lunch guys hmm Osaka pleaseI’m Buddhist hello guys we did not smokeI knowmy bakery guys but there is abilityenough and decide bread rolls so good Idon’t know manno bread row next time see you to mynext blogsmmm delicious I’m setup maple Amandaladies choicethank you for watching guys don’t forgetto subscribe share like comment andclick the bedthank you for watchinggod bless everyone bye bye see you to mynext blog[Music]

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