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Pineapple Dressing or Bread Pudding

No act of love, however small, is ever wasted
Easy cooking for busy family’s. The recipe is below:

8 tblsp. salted softened butter (or you can melt it)
3/4 cup sugar…when I make it again I’ll reduce the sugar to 1/2 cup. It was still too sweet for me. If you want it sweeter add 1 cup of sugar instead of my recommended amount.
1/2 cup milk, half and half OR heavy cream–room temperature will mix better
1 beaten egg
6 or 7 cups of cubed bread-a hardy bread is better.
Mix the butter and sugar till well combined
add the mix and mix again till combined
add the beaten egg and the juice from your can of pineapple
mix all that very well. It may take a few moments
Add the pineapple to the cubed bread and get it combined. Then pour the ingredients from the mixing bowl over the bread and pineapple and mix till combined. Pour into an ungreased 1-1/2 quart casserole dish and bake in a preheated 350 F oven about 45 minutes until top is slightly browned and the sides are bubbling. You can add cherries on the top to make it more festive for a holiday or company. Enjoy!!

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Video Transcription

hi everybody and welcome back to handsthat cook my name is Linda today we’regoing to make something that is going tobe super easy and ready for the holidaysThanksgiving Christmas New Year’s it’llgo really well with ham and turkey but Iwant to say it’ll go well with anythingthat you want to add it to and you canadd more sugar and make it more like adessert or you can use less like I’mgoing to do and use it as a side dish sothis is pineapple dressing and in mybowl already I’ve got one stick ofbutter which is equal to 2 10 8tablespoons of butter and my buttersalted the butter is softened you put itin there and you give it a good mixnow I’m going to add 3/4 of a cup ofsugarand I’m gonna get that mixed upscrape the sides down a bit because Iwant this to mix real good and I wantthis the sugar to mix real wellokay I don’t say that’s good enoughI’ll turn that down on low now I’maddinga half a cup I’m using half and half butyou can use heavy cream you can use 2%milk you can you know use whatever youwant to but I’m using this because Ithink it’ll rich in the taste of thedish so I’ve got that out I’m gonna mixit in real goodHeythere’s one beaten egg I’ve beat itahead of time because I don’t want towait for the mixer to beat it well I dothat mean you can do it yourself and besure that it’s well beingand well mixed inyou scrape the sides down thereokay let’s give it another whirl herenow I’m using a 20 ounce can of conicalkid bits and it’s in its own juice but Ihave heard of people using chunks and/oreither of the crushed pineapple you cando what at whichever you want to do I’monly going to partially open this panbecause the only thing I’m gonna fall inhere is the juice and when all the juicefrom this can of pineapple in the bowlit’s got a slot in therenowthat’s gonna mix any better but in anycase I have cubed up some bread and thiswas Italian bread and the only bread Ihad had Sesame’s on it and I’ve nevermade it with Sesame’s but we’re gonnagive it a try and what I’m gonna do isfor my pineapple tidbits in with thebread the twenty ounce canand I’m gonna stir these thatnothingjust now I’m gonna take mylet’s saythis really didn’t mix very well and Idon’t know why but I think it’s mixedgood enough we’ll get all the stuff offthe beater down into here and all I’mgonna do now is mix this wet the wetingredients which is very wet into thedry and I’ll bring you back when I getthat done all right I got all that mixedup and this is a 2 quart casserole itmay be too big but I don’t know we’llsoon find outwhoops you want one with high side so Iget all this in here I think it’ll bealright it could have I could haveprobably got more in in there a largerone you can double this recipe but sincethere’s only Sam and I here I didn’t seeany point in doing that but this is thecasserole now you’re gonna put it into a350 degree oven for about 45 minuteswhen it bubbles and the tops a littlebrown it’s ready so I’m gonna go aheadand put it in there and I’ll be backokay I let this bake exactly 45 minutesand I you know I told you this is a 2quart I probably could have gotten awaywith a one and a half quarters dish butit’s well put together after I took itout I put some maraschino cherries in ontop and I just kind of push them in andwe got Sam over here and he’s gonna givethis a tastewell looks great hope it tastes as goodas it lookswell I hope so too Sammy I tell you whatthis reminds me of would you put thatdown there I’ll warm up like that yeahgoodnow that’s heavenly there is it you likeitI sure did I tell you what it reminds meof a little not exactly but pineappleupside-down but it’s not tight dressingin there well now like I’ve told y’allbefore it depends on how sweet you makeit I made this to be not too sweet so Iwould call it kind ample dressing and Iused 3/4 of a cup of sugar in thisrecipe but if you want to make it apudding more like a dessert add a cup ora little more of sugar to it and it’llbe sweeter but all of the otheringredients will be the same so wouldyou like this again Sam you like it Ilove it that’s great delicious I like itnot being real sweet it’s not real sweetI prefer that oneokay taste the fruit no yeah it’sabsolutely delicious and just in caseanybody wonders the butter I put in itwas salted I never use unsalted butterso another thing while I got you be sureand check and that you’re stillsubscribe to me and that the the Bell ispushed so that you receive all of theuploads that I do because I have beenhearing that some people have beenunsubscribed or their little buttonwasn’t but the the Bell button wasn’tpushed anymore so check on that for youjust to make sure and another thing is Iwant you to try this it’s a great sidedish or dessert and you saw how easy itwas to make so give it a try and I hopeyou love it and enjoy it just like we doso until next time you all take carethank you for spending part of your daywith me and may God bless every one ofyouyouyou

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