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Hello DDB Fam 🥰 today I am making Banana bread loaded with pecans and chocolate chips. I hope you enjoy this recipe! If you make this bread I would definitely suggest splitting the batter into two smaller loaves instead of one big loaf. When making this I said vanilla twice. Clearly the brown powder is one teaspoon of cinnamon 😂

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Video Transcription

hello everybody this is Dee from DSdelicious fights and I’m back I’m backI’m back back back with another videomukbang in cooking show everybody let’sgo check out my video if you wanna getit rightcome join delicious bites check it checkit video check out my video welcome backto my channel everyone if you’re newhere please don’t forget to hit thatsubscribe button and the notificationvalve as well so you never miss out onanother delicious bite and if you’vebeen in it for a minute I thank you somuch for coming on back so today youguys I am making my banana pecanchocolate chip bread so let’s get at itI have in my bowl back here someall-purpose flour it’s just a cup and ahalf AP flour nothing special in here Ihave three ripened bananas that I’vemashed up at the back of a fork sothere’s those I have 1 cup of sugar sowhat I chose to do is 1/2 a cup of whitesugar and half a cup of brown sugar Ihave about 1/3 of a cup of pecans youcan use walnuts if you like but that’swhat I like actually it’s more less than1/2 of a cup I go with less than 1/2 ofa cup upper house and there’s a third acup a third cup I’m sorry I can’t get mymouth right this morning it’s early Ihave not broken my fast yet I’m hungryanywayless than 1/2 a cup of pecans 1/3 cup ofchocolate chips and I use the semi-sweetchocolate chips I have 1/4 cup of butterand if you don’t know how much that iswhen you’re using the stick it usuallytells you on the stick but it’s only 4tablespoons of butter I have 1 egg Ihave in here some pink Himalayan seasalt and you guys know I love this oneso I have just 1 teaspoon of sea salt inhere I have some baking soda it’s just ateasein here I have some vanilla it is alittle less than half of a teaspoon andin here I have a teaspoon of vanilla soyou guys know how to mix things togetherif you don’t we’ll go over that you doall your dry first and then you do allyour wet so let’s just mix the dry I’mgonna put in my baking soda spread thataround I have a whisk I like to mixthings up as I go I don’t want clumps ofone ingredient sitting in one spot thenthere’s the salt here is the cinnamonyou if you don’t like cinnamon you candefinitely omit it you don’t have to useit I just really like cinnamon in mybanana nut bread these two ingredientsclassify as dry but they’re going to sitto the side because they get added inlast so now that we have that mixedtogether we’re going to come over hereto the wet and of course the banana isconsidered wet because it is so we aregoing to mix the sugar in with that Ilike to mix this together first and itis tight this bowl could be bigger butwe’re gonna make it work because I’mtrying to use my glass bowl so you guyscan see so that incorporated in therewell no issues let’s get the brown sugarin my brown sugar guys was a little hardso I just had to in order to get itmeasured out I put it in the microwavesoftened it up a bit so I can get themeasurement and now I need to tap itdown and it looks like the brown sugaris moremore than half a cup it really isn’tit’s just because it sits it holds itsshape and the white sugar doesn’t thewhite sugar spreads out so that’s why itlooked like it was more brown sugar thanwhite sugar but it really wasn’t so I’mjust crunching this up tried to solidifygive that a good mix and then to that weare going to add fingers we’re gonna addbutter and this is real butter notmargarine and it is the unsalted get thebutter in here I don’t worry too muchabout clumps of butter because when Imix it with the flour it’s all going toincorporate well together and then atthat point when it goes in the ovenanyway it’s gonna melt down and bereally nice this is the one egg to getall that out of there okay and let’s goahead and add in the teaspoon of vanillaand just mix it up you guys can use ahand mixer if you want I don’t mindusing my whisk it just it doesn’t botherme to use the whisk some of us trying toescape my small bowl we’re just gonnaget it back in there give it a stirbefore they ever had hand mixers I wastaught by my grandma who did not have ahand mixer to mix everything by hand soit just doesn’t bother me to do it I dohave a hand mixer I just didn’t want touse it today it’s not that big a dealI don’t mind it by hand so just gonnaincorporate the wet into the dry and Iwant to get everything off this bowl Ihave my oven preheating at 325 you’regonna use a glass baking dish or bananaokay you are going to use a 9 by 5 glassbread pan or a metal bread pan or asilicone bread pan just whatever yourchoice is I have glass and I havesilicone and I don’t know which one I’musing today I have them both out we’llsee how it goestold you guys if I haven’t eaten yet Ican’t get my mouth right to mix this upthis banana bread always comes out nicethere’s never issue with it it is alwaysdelicious and it’s always moist and Iknow that the brown sugar adds to thatmoistness of course the bananasthemselves but when I’ve made it andI’ve used all white sugar it was good itwas fluffy it was it wasn’t an issue butwhen I use the brown sugar for whateverreason it comes out a little bit moremoistand scraped down my edges get all thatflour incorporate it make it a messbaking is messy it does not bother meone bit I just clean it up as I go but Ireally want this um flour incorporatedwe’re gonna fold it so I can get it getit all you guys I was thinking of makingsome bread today – just regular whitebread I’ve never made bread before sothat would be interesting what my toweljust fell off my shoulder guys that’sokay I got plenty more towels hangingaround here in this kitchen changed mylighting around a little bit for in herecooking I hope then it looks prettydecent trying to make sure you guys cansee everything so I changed the lightingup a little bitlet’s get this cleaned off I hateleaving any batter behind I want it allI hope you guys are having a beautifulblessed day today’s Saturdayit’ll be Sunday when you get this videoor Monday or Tuesday not really sure Ihave a couple other videos that I willbe filming today so not sure which one’sgonna go up we’re gonna add in my nutsmy pecans and my chocolate chips mixthose in you go fold them in however youwant I’m just pushing them down andstirring them around and this you guysis it for my batter so I think I’m gonnause my glass pan I’ll be right backthis is my glass pan I am going to justspray it down a little bit with someolive oil just to make sure it all comesout without any problem I guess if Ireally was worried about it stickingjust gonna wipe this down spread thatoil around I wouldn’t use my siliconebread pan I don’t use it often I love itbut it’s hard to clean the silicone panthose nuts in chocolate chips out oftheir tight quarters guys tight quartersget everything sitting really close tome trying to get a good close-up ofwhat’s going on so you guys can seethis makes a really big dense bananabread I’m still making a messhere we go clean it up a little bit intoo messyall right you guys so I am going to popthis into my preheated oven it cooks at325 for an hour and I will be back whenit’s done I like to just shake it down alittle bit try to get the air bubblesout but this is what we’re working withbe back when it’s finished dries so youguys I am back and this is the finishedproduct of the banana bread I could notwait so I have cut me a piece and I gotto taste it I saw the the chocolate hasmelted down in there the chocolate chipsmm-hmm and the pecans give it a nicecrunch that brown sugar add it to it aswell for that rich umsweetness and I just ya goI make me a cup of coffee and sit downand enjoy this banana bread I hope youguys try this recipe it actually is bigenough it’s a big enough recipe that youcould actually do two loaves from it andI would suggest doing that instead ofone big loaf because it has to cook alittle longer when you do the biggerlove instead of 50 minutes you cook itfor an hour but if you do two smallerlows it would probably be about 40minutes and drop the crumbs if you guyslike this content and you’d like to seemore from me please give this video abig fat thumbs up don’t forget to Likeshare comment and subscribe share me outshow me out show me out guys tell allyour friends and family about theselittle spikes maybe they’ll stop by andhave a delicious bite with me as well asalways I believe you’re capable ofamazing things you just have to believeit too so until I see you and you see mebe beautiful be blessed and be the bestyou that youyeah you rightyou can possibly be I love you guys soso much and I will see you in my nextone bye

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