Bread Recipes


Make your own bread to make it more nutritious.

Ingredients :

Baking powder
Salt and pepper
You can add any spices and herbs of your choice. I didn’t put too much on this video because I will be using it as buns for burger.
You can also add eggs.

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Video Transcription

good morning it’s another day another
video and another learning from me okay
so for today we are going to make herb
bread so it’s very easy to prepare it’s
very easy to do and you don’t have to
use it open okay all you have to do is
to heat your pan
mm-hmm heat your pan while you are
preparing fresh so the first thing to do
is to mix your flour with baking powder
salt and a mix of spices you mean
the pepper
but fight it and it would sound okay
then after that
this is bachelor anyway you can add
rosemary your very small leaves
be careful not to put too much this
bread I will use it to make my birthday
okay when you want to control what you
eat and you don’t want to eat the fast
food you can just prepare your own
burger okay
there actually let’s get some water
you can put edge if you want okay or not
you can also jeez
do I need an experiment
anyways yourself will be
they’re stun and you’ll be wait for it –
your dog is finished our dough is
finished there so we just let it stand
for about 30 minutes and cook it put it
in a pack okay so there you let stand
for a few minutes
some star and shape it into
Shadid want
we hope this works
is starting to have
open the pan it’s been heating for a
while until fire some oil just lethal
just for the bread nut to stick
understand very very cheap one
I have seen in Australia I’ve seen a
bagel shop that put herbs and spices on
their prayers and their bagels and I
guess it’s a common thing now but I’ve
been doing it ever since goodness let me
cook there as simple as that
just just check on it every now and then
and then when you think it’s cool stop
there let’s check our bread
I guess it’s done it’s fluffy and soft
very the approximate cooking time is
five minutes on each each side okay
swirl for quicker quicker cooking you
you flip you flip the bread on each side
okay so there we’re done and we’ll use
the export our burger and that would be
on the next video so watch out for it
okay so I hope you’ve learned a lot you
please subscribe share and keep on
watching my videos you will learn a lot
and then please remember it’s always a
very very beautiful life always keep
smiling and be
they see you soon

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