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NO BAKE Chocolate BREAD Pudding | ASG

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3 pieces or 100 grams sliced (loaf) bread
2 cups water
397 ml condensed milk
1/4 cup cocoa powder
2 teaspoon agar agar

blend all the ingredients except agar agar for 1 minute

combine agar agar with bread mixture

bring to boil over medium heat with continuous stirring

let it cool for 1 hour in room temperature the keep in the fridge until becomes chill

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Video Transcription

hi guys Mabuhay in lahat and welcome
back to our Channel I’m shut up grab a
and my name is Pham a surely new era
NATO a gaggle one element I own another
yummy dessert if – I know baked
chocolate bread pudding among Vivian’s
Hallahan in up in a condensed milk – big
agar-agar cocoa powder add sliced bread
I’m onna he won a phenomenally it Athena
in the Doritos a blender then it’s a
load nothin and to beg condensed milk at
the cocoa powder blend this for one
Sahasra rollin agog a meeting a pen
illegality Nieto and agar-agar Ponte
ultimately led toe unread mature Hawaii
over me you need bring this to boil with
continuous scurrying Padme was a
military tow the bottom Phnom Penh
capital P can man I’ve been threatening
sure turn off your stove that
immediately transfer it to your favorite
moon and a copepod ito I enlarged photo
let it cool in room temperature for one
hour then Alito select overnight or
Hanna Suleiman big that you saw at the
app an optional for garnish it’s bring
cation and powdered sugar and chocolate
chips on top
and now it’s done our nubby chocolate
bread pudding and guys sick Manhattan I
think chocolate no big bread pudding oh
from both bring them I nothing you’re a
team chocolate chips
Wow the kamati parents alien anyway my
diamond mi pana go up three six nine
twelve fifteen pieces for normal puto
size the regular purchase is you know
put on a Kanagawa fashion I know men are
now putting a high-end Couture parasha
on Ruby you obey Maha Maha obey no syrup
I don’t know how much regulation about
Baltimore bus please focusing upon my
operating the governess in desert around
and but please do like share and
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