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My WW Cook With Me – Peasant Bread and Seafood Bisque

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello and welcome back to my channeltoday’s cook with me is going to be crabbisque soup and homemade peasant breadthis is what is for dinner tonight inour house so come along and cook with meokay so the ingredients we need for ourbread flour kosher salt you can useregular salt some active dry yeast andeither sugar or a sugar substitute thisis LeConte o monk fruit sugar substituteand we also need some water and that isit let’s get started on this breadbecause it needs to rise and I’m runningbehind I use my thermometer to check itit needs to be warm enough to activatethe yeast but not too warm that it’sgoing to kill the east and it’s justright so I need to get moving what I’mgoing to do is I’m going to put in oneand a half tablespoons of sugar or sugarsubstituteand let that dissolve and then to thatwe’re going to add a teaspoon of activedry yeastI buy my used in bulk you can buy thoselittle packets you’re not you’re goingto be shocked at how easy this bread isand it is so delicious and the pointsaren’t bad so we have a teaspoon ofyeast and we’re going to put that rightin there and we’re just gonna let it sitI’m going to put it off to the side whenwe get the flour mixture ready so in alarge mixing bowl we’re going to taketwo cups of all-purpose flour now I amhaving this recipe this recipe normallymakes two loaves but I do not need twoloaves because if I have two loaveslaying around I would eat it becauseit’s that goodthe great thing about this bread is it’sperfect for first-time bread makersbecause there’s no kneading and it’spretty foolproof so we have got two cupsof all-purpose flour and then we’regoing to do a teaspoon of salt like Isaid I’m using kosher salt you can useregular and then we’re just going towhisk that togetherset that aside and bring our yeast backcan you see that see how it’s getting alittle bit foamy and bubblythat means that the yeast is alive andworking you can leave this yeast sit forlike 10 to 15 minutes until it’s morefoamy and more bubbly that’s just toensure that it’s active I see that it’sworking so I know it’s going to be fineand I know my yeast is fresh so I’m justgoing to mix this all up and I’m goingto pour it into our flour and then mixit with a wooden spoon or you can use arubber scraper and this mixture will besticky the nature of the breadnow this step you can do one of twothings you can just let it rise right inthis bowl and then transfer it to thebowl you’re going to bake it in or youcan transfer it right now and doeverything in the next bowl personally Ilike to transfer it now so let me getthe bowl that we’re going to bake it inand I’ll show you how I prepare that soI have a 1 quart Pyrex Bowl and I haveit sprayed with nonstick spray I’m justgoing to dump the mixture right inand that’s itno kneading nothing so now we have tocover this and let it rise for about anhour and a half two hours until it’sdoubled in size now what I like to do isI like to cover it with some plasticwrap you don’t need to do that you canjust cover it with a damp towel but ifyou do you so I am going to take someplastic wrap give it a little spraycover it and you should put it in a warmplace now what I do I cheat a little I’mgonna go over to my oven I’m gonna putit on preheat to 200 degrees I’m goingto let it preheat for one minute it isnot going to get up to 200 degrees it’sbarely gonna get up to 100 after oneminute I’m going to shut the ovencompletely off put this in the oven andlet it rise in there make sure you shutthe oven off if you’re doing it this wayyou do not have to do it this way itjust helps it rise a little quicker andI’m on a little bit of a time crunch sothat’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna putit in a very very very low oven thedoesn’t eat that snot even on to let itrise so I will be back in about an hourand a half two hours hot minute for youguys to show you what it looks like whenit rises and show you what our next stepis okay so this just came out from thefirst rise now if we were doing thewhole recipe it would be in a big bowland now we would divide it into twosmaller bowls to bake it but since it’sin One Bowl we don’t have to divide itbut we do have to kind of punch it downand with this though we’re just going touse two forks now like I said if it wasthe whole restI would do this and separate it and plopeach half in a bowl but because I’m notdoing that I’m just kind of punching itdown and deflating it and then we’regonna just let it rise for the secondtime and we’re gonna bake it right inthis bowl I probably should have madethe whole recipe for you guys cuz Ireally hope I’m not confusing you notthat not that I don’t think youunderstand I don’t mean it like that Ijust I know what I’m trying to say butsometime it’s hard to convey what I’mtrying to say so there it is it’s allpunched down and now I’m just gonna puta damp dish towel over it put it over inthe warm spot in my kitchen and let itrise for another half an hour then it’llbe time to bake it I’ll show you what itlooks like after the second rise here’sthe bread after the second rise it didnot rise as much as it normally doesusually goes a little bit over the edgenot quite sure why but it’s time to bakeit so we are going to pop it in the ovenat 425 degrees for 12 minutes then we’regoing to reduce the temperature to 375and bake it for another 12 minutes andwhile this is baking we’re gonna getstarted on the stew the bread is out ofthe ovenit looks delicious so I’m just going toturn it out onto the cooling rack andlet it cool until it’s time to slice itand serve it I’m going to keep itupside-down like this while it’s coolingbecause the bottom is a little heavierthan top and I don’t want it to or Idon’t want it to collapse on itself sowe’re going to just leave it like thisand let it cool so it’s easier to sliceokay here are the ingredients we needfor the soup we need three tablespoonsof light butter one small onion finelychopped two stalks of celery finelychoppedteaspoon of salt half a teaspoon ofpepper or to taste 1 teaspoon of Old Bayseasoning they’re all in this bowltogether then we need two cloves ofgarlic minced 2 tablespoons of tomatopaste 3 tablespoons of flour 3 and 1/2cups of vegetable broth this is 4 cups Imight just use the whole thing we’ll seehalf a cup of white wine 1 bay leaf 1cup of fat-free half-and-half 1 pound ofcrab meat now if you’re really fancy youcan use the jumbo lump or the lump itwas $25 yeahnot doing that and I kind of like clawmeat for a soup I think it gives it moreflavor so I got the one pound of call mein the seafood section of the grocerystore for $12 and you can also get somechopped fresh parsley for garnish but Idid not have any so they are theingredients we need for the soup let’sget it started okay so we have our panheating and we’re going to add in our 3tablespoons of a light butter we’regoing to let that meltand to that we’re gonna add our onionand our celery make sure it’s all coatedin the butter and then we’re just gonnalet it go we’re gonna let it cook forabout five minutes until the onion andthe celery start to soften up a bit okayso this has been cooking for fiveminutesand now we’re going to sprinkle the saltthe pepper and the old bay right overtop give that a nice stir then we’regonna stir in the garlic and the tomatopaste and really give that a nice stiruntil all the veggies are coated withthe tomato paste and we’re gonna letthat cook for about two minutes whilestirring constantly okay next we’regonna put in the flour and once againstir stir stir until that’s incorporatedand let it cook for about a minute justto get that raw flour flavor out ofthere and the tomato paste addition andthe flour addition I turn the pot downto a low medium low so once this iscooked for about a minute we’re gonnaadd the vegetable broth now if you canget your hands on some seafood stock orif you make homemade seafood stock thatwould even be better but I don’t and Icouldn’t so we went with the vegetableokay now we’re just going to add in thevegetable broth it calls for three and ahalf cups this is four but I am gonnaadd all four in and then we’re going toadd in the wine half a cup of white wineyou absolutely can omit that if you’dlike now we are going to turn it upuntil it comes to just a boil then we’regoing to turn it back we’re gonna reducethe heat and let it simmer oh I forgotthe bay leaf at this point you want todrop your bay leaf in so we’ll get itnice and hot to a boil then we’ll cut itback to a simmer and we’re gonna let itsimmer for 30 minutes okay so it’scoming up to a boil so I’m gonna cut itback and I’m just gonna let it simmerand it doesn’t specify covered oruncovered so I’m gonna just kind of do alittle bit of both and I’m just gonnakeep checking it to make sure it’s notboiling too hard and it’s just a nicelight simmer and we’re gonna let that gofor 30 minutes okay it’s been simmeringfor about 30 minutes so we’re going toremove the bay leaf and then we’re goingto take an immersion blender and blendit on high if you do until it’s smoothif you do not have an immersion blenderyou can just puree it in a blender inbatches but let me tell you these arehandy toolsthis is just breaking up all of thegarlic the celery the onions so we havea nice smooth smooth soup because theonly chunks that you want in here arethe crab[Music][Music]okay that’s done it is nice and smoothand smells delicious now the next thingwe’re gonna do is we’re gonna add thecrab in I’m going to do thehalf-and-half first sorrybribing the half-and-half but we’ll dothe half-and-half first stir that sothat’s nice and combined just turn it upa little bit so it keeps through nowpersonally I like a really thick disc sowhat I think I’m gonna do this is notquite thick enough for me I think I’mgonna make a little cornstarch slurryand add that in so before I add the crabin I’m gonna prepare that and I’ll showyou what I do okay it’s just starting tocome to a boil so I’m going to add inthe slurry this is one and a halftablespoons of cornstarch to one and ahalf tablespoons of water and then I’mgoing to turn it down and stir ityou still want it to bubble a little bitso the slurry can activate and I’m gonnalet that just cook for about threeminutes or so till it’s thicker mmm andthen we’ll come back and we’ll add thecrab in okay that thickened up nicely sonow I’m just gonna add in the crabtrying not to break it apart too muchbecause you want those nice chunks inthereand then we’re just gonna let that crabheat through just for a couple minutesand then I’m going to measure out howmuch soup there is figure out how much aserving is get it plate it upgarnish it and we will show you what itlooks like I’m not sure yet if I’m goingto measure it in a bowl or weigh it outI broke my eighth cup measuring Bowl sotrying to think what I can measure it inI’ll be back to show you so I weighedout the soup because I couldn’t findanything to measure it in and it cameout to one 4:05 now it just changedgrams one thousand four hundred and fivegrams so what I did is I took that anddivided it by four and came up with theserving size in grams which is threehundred and fifty-one grams so I’ll justput the bowls on the scale well at leastmine anyway and weigh out the servingsize so I know exactly what I’m eatingand exactly how to point it okay so hereis dinner it is the crab bisque and hereis the bread that little loaf was cutinto twelve very nice slices the breadis two points per piece this size on allthree plans and the soup is five pointson blue and purple and six points ongreen it looks like a really hearty bowlof soup so I think One Bowl will be fineespecially with some bread so thisdinner for me on the blue plan is onlyseven points I have a ton of points leftfor the dayI will probably be having two slices ofmy homemade bread let’s see I haven’ttried it yet but everybody else has whatdo we say on the soupWilliam very good good restaurantquality soup look mm-hmm okay that’swhat I like to hear because this was arecipe that I kind of took a few recipesI have a favorite crab bisque recipe andI tried to lighten it up and it wasabsolutely impossible I couldn’t get itlower than 13 points a bowl so I kind oftook parts of that one and parts ofanother one and parts of my Marylandcrab soup and this is what I came upwith there you have it the crab bisqueand the homemade peasant breaddefinitely definitely something youshould try if you like homemade breadand like I said this is an easy onebecause there’s no kneading you justplop it you saw me you just plop it whenI post the recipe on my website I’mgoing to have the complete recipe thatmakes two loaves and I will put a notethere that you can hand it I did have itin this video so just to be clear onthat but they were both winners in ourhouse and I hope you like them too ifyou do give this video a thumbs up alsoif you haven’t already subscribed to mychannel I would love it if you would hitthat subscribe bell subscribe button andthe notification bell and you’ll knowevery time I upload I have a ton of newsubscriber so if you are new here justknow that I do cook with me I do menuplans every Friday and grocery hauls Ido full day of eating videos severaltimes a week and usually on the weekendI do a day-in-the-life slash family funday so I would appreciate it if youwould stick around and if you like mychannel and think it would help someoneplease feel free to share it on yoursocial media or any groups that youbelong to on Facebook thanks a lot guysand I hope you enjoyed this I will talkto you soon

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  1. I love that you bake a simple bread it’s right up my alley. I used to bake loads of types but now usually have very little time. I do the same thing with warming the oven. Thanks!

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