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My First Time Making Challah Bread

Hello there fellow clumsy bakers! Challah is an enriched, eggy bread that comes to us from Jewish tradition. It’s a surprisingly easy bread to make…if you don’t overcomplicate things. Which I did. The braiding technique takes some practice, but if you do yourself the favor of dividing the dough equally and using the smart part of your brain, it’s achievable. Here’s a video of how not to do that.

Lessons learned:
1. Knead by hand
2. Divide and measure dough before braiding
3. Pay attention dummy

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Challah II:

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey there fellow clumsy Baker’s welcometo my first time making holla thisrecipe is a variation of solitude am I saying that rightI hope so if not please forgive me forthis recipe you will need flour honeyeggs salt vegetable oil yeast and waterI chose to use a stand mixer for thisrecipe which honestly was mistake numberone i first dissolve the yeast in wateralong with a few tablespoons ofvegetable oil and a whole egg[Music]this is supposed to be a rich and eggybread so to achieve that we’re going toadd three additional egg yolks forsweetness I then added half a cup ofhoney and those are all of the wetingredients once those are mixedtogether I slowly added the flour and apinch of saltso as sticky as this dough is kneadingit by hand would have definitely beenthe move here I feel like I wasn’t ableto incorporate the flour effectivelywith the stand mixer and as you can seeit just isn’t coming together in oneball it’s a sticky dough and it’s juststicking to the sides so first lessonlearned don’t bust out the heavyequipment just mix this one by handeventually figured it out and decided tojust finish kneading it by hand itimmediately came together so quickly andstarted smoothing out Hawaii’s kneadingbread dough so satisfying[Music]at this point I’m gonna call this fullyneeded so I place it in a greased Bowland I let it rest for a couple hours toproof there it isit doubled in size and now I’m going toflatten it out and divide it so I canshape it into braids so if this video sofar hasn’t been any indication this nextpart is going to be a hot mess withoutweighing it or even doing a really goodjob eyeballing it i divided it intothree sections to roll out into longstrands this is a fairly forgivingrecipe but you definitely want to takethis a little bit more seriously andtake your time with it if you’re gonnawant to pretty loaf a bread so you’repretty much going to not want to doanything that I did here[Music][Music]so here’s the deal braiding bread takespractice and I don’t have any of it sothis is a trial and error and there’s alot of trial in a lot of air it’s not asintuitive as you think it would be it’snot the same as braiding hair eventuallyI got it but not really and I probablyredid this thing like five timeseventually I put something together andit looks terrible but once it proofed itkind of evened out my brain is so friedafter I did the braiding that I forgotto proof it before the final egg washbut it still turned out okay I made sureto proof it I did remember to do thatbefore putting it into the oven and itcame off okay actually I mean look atthat it looks pretty it looks like I dida braid it looks like challah for asmany times as I messed up this isactually a really easy recipe it’s superforgiving and the taste was eggy andsweet and it turned out really fluffy itmade for a great french toast the nextmorning I would definitely make thisagain obviously with a coupleadjustments to save myself a little bitmore but thanks for watching I hope youlearned something and learned more whatnot to do when you make your color[Music]

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