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MOM’S BANANA BREAD RECIPE: How to make moist banana bread recipe using cake flour!

How to make my mom’s amazingly moist banana bread using cake flour!


Today I’m going to show you how to use cake flour to make super moist banana bread! Plus I’m showing you how to substitute buttermilk without using lemon juice or vinegar!

*Sorry the video’s blurry! It’s my first video and I didn’t get the focus right.*

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Video Transcription

hi everyone its I from I made it for youcalm today I’m going to show you how tomake my mom’s banana breadit’s really moist sorry if you hate thatword but it is it’s really moist it’srich from the butter it’s sweet but nottoo sweet it’s just it’s the perfectbanana bread my mom has never been a bigbaker not to say she didn’t bake for meshe used to make cookies and browniesand cakes it’s just they all came fromboxes which I love but the one thingthat she did make from scratch wasbanana bread banana bread is kind ofbasic but it’s so classic which meansit’s perfect all year round I’ve beenbaking this banana bread since collegeand along the way I’ve made a fewadjustments the ingredients you’ll needare cake flour baking soda salt saltedbutter that’s been softened at roomtemperature sugar eggs ripe bananasyogurt milk and vanilla extractmost banana recipes call for all-purposeflour but I love using cake flour cakeflour is finer and has a lower glutencontent so it creates a soft tender andvery moist banana bread many bananabread recipes call for buttermilk butbuttermilk doesn’t really exist in Japanand you really need that acidity of thebuttermilk to react with the baking sodamy mom used whole milk but whole milkisn’t acidic so you end up with a slightmetallic taste of the baking soda inyour banana bread if you google how tosubstitute buttermilk or how to makeyour own buttermilk at home most peopletell you to add lemon juice or vinegarto whole milk and then let it string itup letting it sit so that it curdlesthat methodsnever work for me what I like to do isto mix yogurt and milk or sour cream andmilk at a one-to-one ratiothe first thing you’re going to do ispre-heat your oven to 325 or 160 degreesCelsius in grease and or line a nineinch loaf pan with some parchment papermy loaf pan is a dark metal pan but ifyours is a light metal pan pre-heat youroven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 175degrees Celsius dark pans absorb moreheat so the exterior of the banana breadtends to Brown quicker than the centercooks through so you need a lowertemperature in a bowl add your cakeflour baking soda and salt mix togetherwith a whisk or sift it and set it asidein a large bowl cream together thesoftened butter and sugar until it’slight and fluffy at the eggs mashedbanana yogurt milk and vanilla and mixuntil combined so once your wetingredients are combined at the flourmixture into the wet mixture and stironly until combined pour the batter intothe prepared pan and bake for about anhour and 15 minutes which is 75 minutesand test it by sticking a skewer or aspaghetti into the center if it comesout clean it’s done let it cool in thepan for about 5 minutes before taking itout onto a wire rack to cool completelyyou really should let it cool completelybefore cutting into it just because youdon’t want to let all that moistureescape from the banana bread I wouldwait at least an hour like it takes alot of willpower for me to wait an hourif you want to add any mix-ins maybesome walnuts or chocolate chips or freshblueberries you want to leave some ofthat flour mixture in the bowl and thenyou put the mix-ins in there and thentoss it in the flour mixture so thateverything is coated in flour and thenyou fold that into the rest of thebatter and that prevents the mix-insfrom sinking to the bottom of the penso moist[Music]it really is the best banana bread it’sso moist it’s tender it’s oh it’s sogood it’s good at room temperature but Iwould suggest heating it up in themicrowave for about 20 seconds so thatit’s nice and soft thank you forwatching if you liked this video give ita thumbs up hit that subscribe buttonand I’ll see you in the next onebye

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