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Moist banana bread recipe|| First time baking|| Bake with me|| Yinye

Hey guys.
Today we’d be making banana bread for the first time. The banana bread turned out to be so moist and delicious, the recipe is in the video feel free to make yourselves some delicious banana bread. Hope you enjoy the video, don’t hesitate to drop some feedback in the comments😘.

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Video Transcription

hello guyswelcome back to my youtube channelback again so todayi’m going to be making something elsefor the first timewhat i’m taking today is banana breadi have my meatball in my bread beforethis is my first time making bananabread sowithout wasting much of our time let’shop right into it these are theingredients weneed to make banana bread todayto the floor we add the baking sodacinnamon and saltand then we mix itafter mixing you set the floor mix asideand get a clean bowl to the clean bowlyou add butter and you add brown sugarthen it’s time to mix again i mixed byhand soit took me some timeand there was a little bit of work outfor my armbut you mix and then after that you addyour eggs one at a timemixing after each eggand now after all that good mixing it’stime to add the mashed bananasyes add every last bit of itand mix itthen you also add vanilla extractto the mix and also mixthe flow mix you kept to the side now isthe time you need ityou add it to the wet ingredients andmix it properly yes carefulso it doesn’t spillat this point it’s ready to go into theoven so you grease your pan inpreparationi don’t have the bread pan so i’m usingthis 8 by 8inch square pan i greased it with butteralreadyand then i’m going to turn my batterinto the panyou have to grease it properly to eatthe removal ofwhat your baking bread or cake whateverit isbut this is bread so we turn it into thebakingpan and that’s it and then we bakeat 350 degrees fahrenheit for 60 to 65minutesthis is the bread ready and lookingdeliciouscan’t wait to try itwe’re back guys the vanilla bread isreadyafter baking i let it cool for some timefor a bitand yeah it’s time for us to trywhat we made fingers crossedbecause at the point i was actuallyreally scared that i was not gonna likeit i don’t know whybut let’s seeokay this is what i have yesis what i have on my platei already cut it into little bits sowe’re going tojust tryforeignyou guysthis is amazing it is really nicei am speechless i don’t knowlike it’s like so nice becausethere was a point i was like reallyscared i was not going to like it butthen it’s like so nice likei love it it’s like moistand sweet like banana is so sweetgonna make it again sometimebut anyway before i hop back intoeating all of my banana breadplease guys don’t forget to comment likesubscribe and share this videothank you guys so much for watching thissee you guys in my next one bye

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