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Mitsubishi Electric bread oven TO-ST1-T retro brown Toaster which burns 1 sheet of ultimate

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Power supply AC 100V 50-60Hz Power consumption 930 W ※If you use it outside Japan, you will need a transformer. It looks like “raw” even though it’s baked! A new-style bread oven that delivers fluffy “raw toast” We bake one sheet of bread carefully by original sealed heat insulation structure and plate heating method and realize soft, soft texture like soft baked bread to the ear You can enjoy the difference in texture with five levels of baking (fluffy, light, normal, dark, crisp). ※ Only the menu “Toast”. The actual finish differs depending on the type, shape, storage state of the bread, voltage, room temperature, body temperature, etc. The bread is very delicious with 4 menus (toast, frozen toast, topping toast, french toast) No steam function Firepower switching one stage. Ship from Japan.

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Video Transcription

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