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Mediterranean diet 🍴pita bread recipe 🍴how to make pita bread

Mediterranean diet pita bread! Soft and Airy Pita bread!

This homemade pita bread recipe is absolutely amazing and you need to make it! Your friends and family will be so impressed!

This is a simple and easy step by step recipe to make flatbread, or rather a how to make pita bread, is one of those foods that taste so much better than the store-bought variety.

The store brought variety of pita bread tastes like cardboard!

These are really soft and airy and they go exceptionally well with the food that is eaten in the Meditteranean diet.

The recipe for this delicious and tasty meal is as follows;

500 grams of plain flour
1 teaspoon of unrefined caster sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
8 grams of dried yeast
30ml of olive oil
250ml of tepid water.

This simple step by step recipe will make 8 pita bread.

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Video Transcription

in today’s episode I’m gonna be showing
you how to make pillar braids that’s
right fresh soft hair braids really
simple really easy to do
hi guys welcome to another episode for
this kitchen
my name is Bonnie and this is my kitchen
indeed though this episode I think we’ve
shown you how to make pit breads really
quick really simple to do and they taste
amazing this so much better than the
store-bought ones that you buy well so
anyway guys everything that you will
need for this recipe is here so guys if
you did miss those ingredients done by
those in the infobox below the do check
out there in the meantime do comment
like subscribe and hit the loan so you
find out about race my next video we
should be really soon
cough wait to make these and meet them
they’re gonna be absolutely delicious
can’t wait they’re gonna be amazing so
guys I just cracked straight on let’s
make some pit breaks first thing we are
gonna do gonna take a jump of 250 mils
of lukewarm water and what we’re gonna
do from there is we’re going to add our
yeast also gonna add the sugar and also
get around so I’m going to do you’re
just going to get this and we’re just
gonna watch
we leave that for a few minutes and let
the east activate so we’re going to pop
this down here and now we need to sit
down our flower let’s take a flower
without 500 grams of plain flour here
and what we need is we need a bottle and
all we’re going to do here is just
coming to Jenny’s so now that we’ve
sifted on with our flower we’re going to
take our yeast mixture which is bubbling
away nicely and all we’re going to do is
we’re going to make the well in the
middle of the flower and then we’re
going to pour our schools
watch report watering all we’re gonna do
is gently mix this and this is pretty
much a basic bread dough so if it’s a
little bit too dry you can always add
some water so if it’s a little bit too
wet you can always add some more flour
if you don’t have any flour you can what
we’re going to do now now this will
incorporate it’ll pretty much that we’re
going to add some olive oil it’s not too
much about a tablespoon spoon
just gently okay
but if you see to where these signs come
together now we’re going to keep pushing
that in so when you do it like this it’s
nice ready
so you guys what buddies do now from
these Texan cling film and we just need
to cover our dough
I’m going to let that sits on for about
two hours and let that rise once it’s
risen when knock the air out of it and
then we’re going to cut out into about
eight pieces and I’m gonna pan-fry and
I’ll hit for a thumb and then we’re
gonna read them where I’m going to read
them and you’re going to watch out maybe
maybe not
see you two hours so yeah it got nice
two hours is up we have our bread dough
as you can see it has really risen and
down in size all we need to do now is we
need to knock all the air out by that
love in that flattened pillows that’s
what we need to do now is we need to
divide it into 8 and this relates to
this we’re going to use a knife and just
going to go once
now that we’ve got these individual what
we’re going to do is we’re going to take
a rolling pin a hammer
so now what them do is go to the toilet
see ya guys that’s how I make delicious
soft and airy interpret I mean look at
them they look absolutely delicious I
can’t wait to eat these I’m gonna have
these with my fangs to go on is do
members of comment like subscribe and
hey that’s better one do you find out
when already my next video what you’ll
be really soon
in the meantime guys take care of
yourselves I know I’m a little like and
hit that fell but until you find out for
number is my next video

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