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Making Bread + Butter Pickles

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guys I’m trying to create a little safeblog and today in the kitchen for achange I’m going to make some pickles soI get asked about making pickles heapsand there’s a difference between yourtraditional bread-and-butter pickleswhich is what I’m going to make todayand true laughter cemented pickles whichI might do another day the reason I’mmaking pickles is you’ve got to cookwith what you have and I have a heap ofreally amazing backyard cucumbers fromKelly so I’ve got a whole bag of thesebad boys thanks Cal and I’m going toslice them up and go through a couple ofreally really brief steps one of myfavorite recipes that I’ve shared aroundwith a lot of people I’ll put it in thenotes of the video and you guys can seehow it’s done it’s really simple reallyreally simple so if you have cucumbersthat are more of a pickling cute andthey have quite a bit of skin you findthat out simply by trying it you canpeel themI’ve eaten these roll and they tasteamazing I’m definitely going to leavethe skin on the skin also helps it holdits shape when it’s in the brine andI’ve got a mandolin here I’m notnormally a kitchen gadget kind of personbut this is amazing for slicing stufffor fermenting pickles it just makeslife so much faster so I’m slicingeverything into fairly thin roundsthat’s what I’m going to get there if itwas really really really thinthese are gonna soften a little bit inthe brine and they might go a bit mushyso I’m actually just keeping a littlebit more faithfulness and then slice asmany that I can fit my dice so I’ve gotfree jazz about that size you can makethis however many you want andso you want to next by the way cutesanatory so dying moldy in the fridgebut I keep mine in either a wet teatowel and wrapped in wet detail or I’vegot these venting science these aregifted to me by a friend and they’reamazing they’re literally like paddedcotton and you just with the medicineand rinse them out a little bit and thenyou store all your veggies in especiallygood for zucchini carrots and cubes andthey all stay in there for weeks you cango on holidays and come back and you’restill up fresh chips they’re amazing anda really good classic free way ofstoring stuff so in about five minutes Ihave fully sliced up five really bigcubes like so and I should havementioned before I actually normallymake this recipe with zucchinis it’samazing and it’s really great peeps aretopping it’s probably my favorite everpizza topping is people it looks likethis and now what I’m going to do issalt them so the recipe calls for acouple of tablespoons of salt per 500grams and I’m going to estimate thathere I’ve probably got about a kilo anda half maybe bit just under I’m not toofazed with this recipe because I’ve donea few times before but guys go ahead andweigh it and what I’m actually going todo instead of adding the salt into theBrian I’m going to sprinkle it over bitover the cucumber and that will draw outsome of the water and what that does isthrough osmosis it actually helps firmup the cucumber soaps that keeps itscrunch a little bit more so I’llsprinkle it over set it for 10-15minutes while I go make the brine I’llshow you that and then we come backdrain a bit of water out it’s good to gotime to make the brine this is not asalt fermentation brine this is not abrine for a lacto-fermented on theshelves and bubble for a few days thisis a brine of vinegar and sugar and theacidity from the vinegar and the sugarpreservesso it is a preserve it is not a fermentso some ferments are called picklesnot all pickles are ferments justAdiemus but cuz I get asked that quite alot I prefer to make ferments most ofthe time they’re better for you they’remore fun I really love making fermentsand I’ll share a liver those recipes abit later although this does use aferment this is a bottle of apple cidervinegar but is comes on a personalpreference and to be honest a recipelike this you’re not going to eat heapsof it in any one time I mean you couldeat a whole jar if you want that’s a lotof people and I’m sure someone’s thatbefore but it’s also a lot of sugar so Iwouldn’t do that so adding it to thingslike salads or having it as a sidecondiment that’s really good and thenyou heat up the vinegar and then you addany sugar and you dissolve it once it’sdissolved you take it off the heat I dospices in which I’ll show you in asecond and then it’s good to go therecipe generally calls the castor sugaror white sugar and that’s basicallybecause it gives a better color at theend so you get an Enhanced I’m going toadd tribute to this and it makes it alittle bit more brightI’ve got raw sugar in the house becausethat’s what I use it probably won’taffect the color too much but forexample if you wanted to use rockatuerER or coconut sugar just be mindful thatyou’ll definitely have a much darkerlooking product so there’s our brineheating away I’m gonna keep stirringthat until the sugar is dissolved andthen add spices in while that’shappening I am sterilizing my jars andthat means putting the jars in the ovenfor at least 15 minutes on about ahundred degrees and that will kill orany bacteria that is left on the jarsthey’ve already been cleaned in thedishwasher as well and I’ll boil the lidso leads off and have a bit of a rubberor plastic seal on them and I don’t likeputting them in the oven in the dry heatso I bought them on the stove insteadagain for about 15 minutes or so I’msterilizing with a pickle that is not afirm it because it doesn’t have anenvironment that is conducive toavoiding mold basically so it’s a bitmore risky with a recipe like thisbecause there’s so much sugar in it lotsof things like it and yesgot a lot of vinegar I mean it’s muchmore likely to have a shorter shelf lifeso I will always sterilize things thataren’t fermented and even some permits Ido sterilize but talk about that anotherday so yeah sterilized jarsI also recommend permanently havingbaked goods in the house for snack timewhile waiting this is number 4 chocolatevegan cookies good so I got myleads on the boil my jars are in theoven they’re sterilizing again that onlytakes 15 minutes so that gives me timeto prep the brine and tidy up a littlebit and get the cutes ready and I’mgonna add about a tablespoon each aboutmeasuring Oh brown mustard seeds and thesame of yellow mustard seeds slightlydifferent types and they look nice aswell generous tablespoon these are theflavor so I don’t care about an ouncetoo much and then the color and a littlebit of flavor is thanks Barry tastingand half of turmeric it’s pretty strongyou don’t need a lot of it and it givesthe cute yellow and they look reallygreat floating in the jars so the brinesoff the heat the sugar is dissolved it’sjust really hot and I want it to stayhot so this is a quick process you needto cool down in the meantime if you hadto duck out and pick up the kids fromschool or something come and reheat thebrine before you pour it onto your cubesor soups because that helps avoidgrowing mold later on so if wheneverything’s really hot you’re lesslikely to get some bugs in it so it’sbeen about 15 minutes since we added thesalt to the cubes and we’ve collected alot of water down the bottom which isgreat so what I’m gonna do is juststrain that water off I’m not going tostrain the salt off because I want thesalt me in the recipe anyway however youcould rinse it off if you like and thenI’m gonna pop these straight into thejars really carefully they’re hot andthen we will add the brine so I feel mywith cubes I happen to perfectly fitfive large P covers in these three jarsit’s a skill that you don’t have todoing this for years and years and whatI’m going to do is pour the hot brinestraight over really gently kids I’m adad do this beer please you want toleave about a centimeter gap from thetop when you put your lid on just for abit of headspace and then they can gostraight like us in in the cupboard fora couple of weeks or in the fridge for acouple of months done bloody beautifuland I hope that was helpful if you wantto find more recipes and information youcan head to my website so you blog yourinfo you can follow me on social mediaat seed blog or you can click to thenext video thanks for watching

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