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MAKE IT WITH YOU – Bread 💫 Cover by Jerome Ventinilla (+ announcement)

Hey mga pips! if you have time, listen to my playlist.
these are the songs that i’m listening to right now! 🎵


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FB Page: Jerome V music

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey try really reaching out for theother side a baby climbing on herbut baby dreams they for those who speakfish for us to Lukey if you’re wonderingwhat this song is leading toI wanna make it I really think that wecan make it girlyou don’t know me every little thingonly time will tellif you believe that things don’t dolet’s see[Music]life can be short all love can be rightand if I chose the one to help meI like to make it with you I reallythink that we can make it good[Music]baby you know the dreams there for thosewho sleep us to keep and if I choose theone to help me I like to make it withyou I really think that we could make itgoodI really think that we could make it[Music]Oh[Music]NoOh[Music]you

15 Replies to “MAKE IT WITH YOU – Bread 💫 Cover by Jerome Ventinilla (+ announcement)

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  4. MGA PIPS! GINTONG ARAW IZZZ BACK AHHAAHA! and it will be available on Spotify, Itunes, Apple music, Youtube music on January 20, 2020!!!

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