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Kneading Bread Dough in REAL TIME – Bread Tip 131 – Bake with Jack

I’ve always avoided showing the WHOLE kneading process in a video, I wizz through it or cut it out normally because I always ASSUMED it would be boring to watch BUT then I guess you never actually see it for yourselves.

SO this week your requests have been answered. here is EXACTLY how I knead a straight yeasted bread dough, start to finish.

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Vegas Jackie a baker Jack Ithought you came bringing you yourweaker I need to make this bit shorterdon’t I here’s how I need my bread doughin real time rolled out theme – helloand welcome back to the bakery checkyoutube channel where i share with you alittle bit my bread making expertiseevery single Thursday if that’s the sortof thing that turns you on coz click andsubscribethis week a video that some of you havetold me would be so useful butpreviously I’ve thought might be alittle bit boring so let’s just go withit normally when I need a bread dough ina video always speed up fast and put onsome funny music or fade out again andfade back in again when it’s tanninalthough I feel like that makes thevideo a little bit more digestible younever actually see the kneading processstarts a finished so today we arecutting the nonsense and we are cut intothe table for the most entertainingeight minutes of your lives I hope youready okay you join me here at the tableafter I’ve just mixed up this noteexactly like in last week’s simple localvideo tutorial and it’s the sake thesame dough let’s do it today starts ourfinish before we begin there’s a coupleof things to know I did not put anyflour down on the table that’s thebiggest mistake I see or hear of peopledoing don’t do that we’ll talk aboutthat more later on and also it’s reallynicely to have a look at our dough andsee what’s going on here right once youafter you mix there and then youappreciate the sort of change is gonnahappen is sticky really wet there it’sdry there is firm here it’s loosethere is sticky all over and most forthe most part these characteristics aregoing to change as we work the dough isquite lumpy bumpy as you can see andit’s really delicate it breaks apartquite easily okay it’s fragile and thisis going to change so without furtherado I didn’t get time I hold on let meget time open the time run we’ll startkneading okay take two we’ve got thetimer put on to eight minutes cuz as arule I need dough for eight minutesI’ll give it three minutes rest I’mgonna use my scraper scrape up from thetable and with a heel in my hand if Ipush it across the table all right pushit across and bring it back push itacross good lift up and bring it back sodoesn’t stick to the table too much nowwill be sticky especially on this woodtable it’s going to stick like crazy butall these little sticky bits we’ll justuse a flat edge of our scraper bring allback together now a few of you requestedthis video right eight minutesjust hanging out with me hopefully Iwon’t find it too difficult so evercheck for 8 minutes but you never knowthere has been times so what I’ve doneis I’ve written a couple things on a bitof paper please check out while we’redoing this this is all we do I tend touse one hand at this stage because it’smessylet’s go stick it to my hand make a messof my hand not this that’s okay becauseremember when you do it for eightminutes and after eight minutes we canclean our hands it’s really not a bigdealmarlis okay it always starts off likethis stick it to the table it won’t belike it for long puffed out already manwhat’s going on so if you don’t knowwhat the point is at this part I willtell you okay there’s gluten in spite ofour dough gluten is the strength theelastic fans imagine them like elasticbands inside at the beginning of ourdough well those elastic bands hundredsand thousands probably I don’t know allthose elastic bands inside a short timenot long and strong stretchy is shortand tight which is why the dough justbreaks apart like I just showed you itjust broke apartalright we’ve not very much force justbreaks into pieces easilyand if we give it a little bit ofphysical energy like this five minutessorry about the squeaky table by the wayas I was saying anyone a little bit ofphysical energy like this for 8 minuteswill make those elastic bands long thestretchy strong making our doughstretchy and strong so that when theyeast goes to work later making loads ofgas inside the dough the dough is ableto hold it all there was a hole with allso the day was a dozer able to rise uppuff up nice and big if we didn’t dothis properlyand do it all the gluten is short andtight but they would be fragile and itonly puff up so far before we got delicaand collapsed so we are making our doughstrong here giving it a few minutes workjust to make it a super strong so it canhold all that gas get real puffy likebread this this is all we do I’m notparticularly hard not being particularlyforceful you might think it looks like Iam I’m really not I can use two hands ifI want like this I could be doing likethis you can alternate hands which whatI normally do a bit later down the linewhen I get into it gets us a rhythmplayer alternating hands is quite nicebut you can do it this is the way I doit there’s loes way they’re doing iteveryone’s doing the same thingeveryone’s working it folding it pushingit stretching it giving it some physicalenergy to develop that gluten iced tea Ifeel like it’s changed a little bitalreadywe’re gonna go eight minutes Rihanna’salways this recipe is for two loaves ofbread you might be thinking I wonder ifhe works it longer for two loaves ofbread they need us for one the answer isknown 8 minutesas a rule eight minutes we can hang outof it wouldn’t she go and do this youscrape your hands if you want so cool nohurryeight minutes work now Brett thoughisn’t just bread though right breaddough it’s not like one bread dough foralways not one rule for all breaddough’s do you see what I mean so yourdough depend on what it is if it’s thesame as my recipe in last week’s videolike this one is then it’s gonna looklike this pretty much it might be alittle bit different because your flourmight be different because yourtechnique might be different you mightbe a bit heavy-handed and if you areheavy-handed most stuff like this sticky like this if you likewith me like this then it should looksimilar to mine but all flowers aredifferent they even strong white breadflour one brand to the next differentcharacteristics you stop with wholemealflour in which we will talk about I knowloads of you keen to talk about home andflowers and stuff we will get there ifyou’re using homo’ flowers rye flourstuff be a bit more sticky bit tackyyeah but as a rule I normally do eightminutes anyway you know as a rule whichjust makes a lot of easy for me we havefive and a half minutes in there youdon’t need to work fasta lot of people think you got to go realfast get your whole body into it workyour muscles knock yourself out but nomatter how fast or how slow you are andminutes still takes eight minutes Mars Ijust relaxed about it is don’t stresstake it a gentle pace that’s right foryou a pace is comfortable you want to becomfortable in this process you know notI mean discomfort a min is that’s notfine you and do that again just becomfortablethat’s pretty simple reallysix minutes lovely I always save peoplelisten to your dough at this point itdoesn’t really make much sense becauseI’m not listening to Vic and I listen toa sound why mean is pay attention toyour dough’s needs right recognize itslimits it has got a limit your onlystretch so far before tears now I cantake ups are there and it’s got naturalresistance now I don’t want to gofurther once I get her though I tear ityou want to avoid tearing it ripping outa natural point where it says no morestretch it doesn’t want to go anyfurther that’s what I mean I say listento your dog it’s respect the boundarieshave you done you know I push it pastits natural breaking point here we go SMrhythm going on for a minute so we getin there it comes off the table easierwhich is great it was still stick if I’mheavy with a toe still stick to it stilllike sticking on the top from slow likethat if I’m nimble thinking itlight-fingered with it already stick itinto anything I had an idea once a longtime ago I thought let’s do I should doa podcast man cuz I used on a blog dothese like diary entries which are nowpretty cringe-worthy if you ever readsome of them diary entries in the blockpretty cringing now just in my thoughtsin general well I was up to him what wasgoing on I thought I could have eightminutes or cast every week just chattingabout stuffstories in the restaurants and whatnotwhat’s going on in life in generalyeah maybe now I’ma listen oh it’sprobably quite a lot of work in examineone second all rightyou can finish now because of mytechnique right because what I was doinghereit just has worked out there is gonekind of round can you see that andthat’s just down to the way I naturallyhandle the dough cuz I’ve done it acouple of times before today but here ornot so that’s like that just because ofthe way I was doing it might be likethat for you it might be a bit moremessy might look like this what I likethat I don’t know why just is generallythat way because of the way that I kindof deliberately pulled over itself thenyou got thisSauron bit here you can see it’s notsmooth it’s not it’s not smoothcompletely is it they’ve all changed inthree minuteseight minutes work three minutes restingwell its resting you can have a restbecause talking and knead in at the sametime finding angle I don’t hit thiscamera you know it’s gotta be a trianglehunched David is quite trickyhave a little rest now spray put myfingers there’s no way I’ve got time tomake a podcast once a week no waycrackers they rest I’m feeling about itjust let it rest and hang out for alittle a little bit time that I did abit more detail video about this parthere called the five signs of breaththose really needed I think it’s numberACA I think it’s not ATO so look at thatif you want to get more deep depth aboutwhen it’s ready and when you think itisn’t you can have a look at number 88but to be quite honest with you I neverbother I never bother doing any now Ijust do eight minutes three minutes restbut will it up put it in the bowl itsapproveone minute 40 seconds to go yeahwhat people look at the dough now thinkthis can’t be ready i’ma keep going forlonger I’m ignore what jack says on hiswrist but I’m just gonna go 10 15minutes whether you know which is finebut do we want but this dough is fineeight minutes is cool I know it’scorrupt then it loads but my floureverything is fine I’m happy now I don’thave the way you are every time I makethe decision whether I think that it’sready every time all that stuff isexhausting then just need a five minuteso they arrest up like this a lot peopleask me about sourdough they say to melike how come you need this though youdon’t need sound own and that’s becauseanother another thing that developsgluten is time the sourdough state takessuch a long time that the gluten sortdevelops itself over that time we justgive it a fold every once in a while tobuild the structure and theall-important structure while the glueman develops itself over time but thisthis yeast in here puffs everything upso fastthere is shortens the time that we bakeit everything used to be sourdougheverything used to be sold before thoseyeast so everything’s okay jizz then allof a sudden someone invented yeast andyou can make a loaf of bread of threeand a half hours or Webber which iscrackers but that’s not enough time forthe gluten to develop is south so youhave to email it with physical energyalong the way you know right at thebeginning just throw out like glutennicely so they can puff up nice and bigbut don’t stress out about this pie yeahfour seconds to go let’s just waitJohnny yes so now I’ve got my dusty potliver sprinkle on the top on I’m makingmyself this this gonna be the top nowand the bottom underneath is gonna bethe bottom this is gonna be the dustyside and you know I saw gonna be thesticky side loosen it from the tableflip it upside down exactly like you sawlast week make it into a ball i thisnow we’ve got this rudeness we lookingfor now you can do those five signs ifyou want to do those five signs in avideo number 88 I think it is if notdon’t just do just do I doput that in there like that give it uslike that magic loft on the top metarest up and that’s kneading piece okayhey and there it is that’s how I needbreads dough start to finish I hope youenjoyed a little chitchat on my part andif you want that podcast I was talkingabout it’s probably not gonna happenI literally I’ve got no time sittingtalk for eight minutes or maybe no ormaybeno listen thanks so much for being herethis week for weekly bread make it tip Ilook forward to seeing you next week foranother one bye byethere it is was that as exciting and asentertaining as you thought it would beI hope you got a lot of usefulinformation out of today’s chit chat ifyou want to see the full loaf of breadstart-to-finish tutorial you can it’snumber 130 and the other video istalking about five signs to see if yourdough is fully needed it’s number 87 Irepeat 87 I’ll see you next weekyou

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