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Jennifer Garner – Pretend Cooking Show – Huckleberry English Muffins 🧁

The most lovely Jennifer Garner shows us how to make english muffins in her beautiful home.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

one of my favorite restaurants in SantaMonica is huckleberry run by Zoe NathanI was so happy when she made a cookbookhere it is my my favorite recipes inhere is something I make all the timeit’s a total family pleaser they’reEnglish muffin recipe covered with flouryou start at the night before so it’sabout to be last night magic this isright here in my notes make surebuttermilk isn’t hot enough to separateor to melt the butter you’re gonna addlater you just want to chill yes Ferdieis an enthusiastic participant in thekitchenI always do some flour before I add mysalt because it’s supposed to be bad foryour yeast I don’t knowprotect your he’s that’s at my Wheatley[Music]this is the crazy thing about thisparticular bread you stick it in thefridge for an hour and Mattin you do onemore step tonight and in the morningit’s ready to go and it’s been two kidsbedtimes English muffins out on a thinlittle layer of cornmeal so they cantoast up so these bad boys are gonnarise in the fridge all night and rightwhen you wake up the morning it’s hip goout and take them out so they can cometo room temperature before you finishthe morning these have been rising aboutan hour except I think I’ve gotdistracted and it was longer if you havethis situation I like to do them atabout 2:00 to 75 on an electric griddleor I have this going as well we’ll seewhat Joe said better an experiment I’mnot live TV[Music]hopefully yours he’ll look like this oneor even this one this one has someissues I never said I was a pretty Baker[Music]you know book says that they should eatlight when they’re all the way donebetween 10 and 12 minutes I findpersonally that it takes closer to 12if these dogs all get eaten on the firstday I kind of won’t believe you but theyfreeze really well they’re great in thelunchbox you’re made for breakfast Iwish I could have one right now doingthis movie and I’m not supposed to eatpork[Music]

5 Replies to “Jennifer Garner – Pretend Cooking Show – Huckleberry English Muffins 🧁

  1. Best “pretend” cooking show ever! I loved where she sang “I can bring home the bacon”. I used to sing that to my kids, and they were like, “what???” Didn’t know Jen was old enough to remember that. Maybe her mom sang it, too.

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