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Instant Pot Bread Using The Pressure Setting

I decided to make bread in the instant pot. It was simple and came out moist.

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1 package of yeast or 1 1/4 tsp yeast
Luke warm water
1 T honey optional
3 Cups all purpose flour
1 t salt
1/4 C oil

I’m Michelle welcome to my channel.

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channeltoday I’m gonna be showing you how tomake bread in the instant pot and I’msuper excited because I’ve scoured theInternet over and over for recipesmaking bread in the instant pot and Ihave not been able to find one using thepressure so today I’m super excited I’mgoing to share with you how I did it theprocess I went through and what I had todo to come out with beautiful instantpot bread and I plan on sharing moreinstant pot recipes as well just recipesin general mom life family life ifyou’re interested in those types ofthings so please hit the subscribebutton and the Bell so you getnotifications of every time I post newvideos thanks for watching guys for thisrecipe what we’re going to be using oursalt water active yeast oil and flourfirst we’re going to start out by addingthe yeast to the wateryou’re just stirring it and letting itsit for a little bit so that it beginsto activate and move it aside then I’mgonna fill this with my dry ingredientsand I would have put in here our threecups of flour and 1 teaspoon of salt andjust mix all that together[Music]then I’m gonna add an order cup of oilyou can use any kind of oil you like Idecided to add a tablespoon of honeythen I pour that into the flour mixtureand turn off the mixer and mix the dough[Music]I went ahead let the dough mix for tenminutes[Music]once it was done I added some oil to thedough so that I could shape the dough aswell as keep it from sticking to the potthat I was gonna put it into rise andcook[Music]I made my shape round because I ended upusing one of the goals that are insertedinto the insta-tox[Music]I put it on a rack so it’s easy to takein and outclose the lid and put it on co2 drummachines and I used the yogurt settingfor 30 minutes but once I saw it donethen I went ahead and looked at it andthat the dough had not risen to doublein size so I decided to let it go foranother 30 minutes and that brought mytime of allowing my dough to rise to 1hour I remove the dough from the instantpods and then I went ahead and added 1cup of water I try to keep the watermineral just cuz I didn’t want too muchmoisture that way when the bread wascooked all the way it would not come wetthe bread and make it soggy I use foursheets of two-ply napkins to line thedough and because the napkins werebigger after I opened them all the way Ifolded them under and then I put thealuminum foil on top and I pinched itreally hard against the edges but I alsomade sure not to squish the dough thatway if it rose any more I wouldn’tprevent any expansion so there was justa little bit of room in there for thedough to rise I do want to mention whenI folded the napkin in I should havefolded it on the top instead of underbecause it kind of got stuck a littlebit in the insides between the dough andthe pots then I push it into the instantpot and let it sink down I was reallycareful not to allow the aluminum foilto peel up[Music]I made sure the nozzles closed and thenput it to pressure cook for 45 minuteskind of like you would in the oven justa normal regular time when it was donethat I waited five minutes because Icouldn’t find a nozzle but I release itpressure and it was about 50 minutesinside of the pressure and the incidentpots there was definitely a lot ofmoisture in there[Music]I took out the pots using some mittsbecause it was really hot and rested itonto a towel that I have and when I wentto peel off the aluminum foil hand thenapkins the aluminum foil came offreally easy the napkins got stuck to thebread and it was easy to peel off butthere were a few pieces that did stick alittle bit to the dough but that was notrouble removing[Music]I was nervous because I didn’t want anyof the bread to come off with the napkinbut some did but it was totally fine thebread came out as if it was cookedwithout any crust so if you don’t likecrusts on your bread this is a perfectsolution to that just make it an instanthot and it’ll come out really nice butwe did want to brown it so we went andtook it to the oven and it turned on thebroiler and broiled the bread for aboutthree minutes all ovens are different soI would closely monitor your bread I dothink I over broiled mine so I didscrape it a little bit but this is howit looked it turned out amazingI scraped the sides of the pan to makesure that the bread was not stuck to thepan when I went to remove it and itwouldn’t break apartthat was nervous to flip it over but iteverything worked out I used my hand andI had to pound on the top a little bitbut the bread came out finethis is how the bottom looked was niceand soft and then when I turn it over helooks like cake but it’s bread and youjust cut it like you would normal breadit slice buying nicely it was justamazing[Music][Music]what do you think Jesseit’s like French beerreally good really good thank youthink so it’s a lot softer what do youthink it’s good what do you think I bitit and that thing is amazing I hopey’all give this recipe a try thanks forwatching if you’re new to my channelplease hit that subscribe button andstick aroundI plan on posting more instant popvideos as well as just other cookingvideos I’ll see you on my next video bye

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