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How to Save Money on Keto Bread – Uprising Food, Inc.

Out with bread tricks and in with the best deal in keto bread! Your dollar goes WAAAY further with Uprising keto bread … not to mention that dollar tastes a whole lot better.

What makes us different?

1. Keto … Lifestyle Bread
We stand first and foremost for giving you bread that fits your lifestyle. Food that fits the math.

2. Taste … No Compromises
We stand for YOUR tastebuds. Our master bakers have baked bread for high-end, gourmet restaurants.

3. Farm Fresh … Oven to Table
We bake every loaf on the farm and ship it direct to your door from our wood-fired oven.

4. Ingredient Quality … The Best
We build bread with the highest quality ingredients … Almonds, Flax and Apple Cider Vinegar to name a few. Not the cheap stuff … the good stuff.

5. Free From Grains
No gluten, no processed carbs, no artificial preservatives. This is food you can trust.

6. Service Over Product
We sign up for more than getting you to purchase a loaf of bread. We’re in it for the long haul. Your goals are our goals and we are ready to help.

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