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How to Make Your Own Sourdough Bread

Here is my best practices when it comes to making HOMEMADE SOURDOUGH BREAD!

Episode Guide:
History of Sourdough (1:45)
What is Started Dough? (2:37)
Fun Fact! Alaskan Gold Miners (4:08)
Main Ingredients (4:47)
*Special Note: I no longer use yeast-If you have a strong started dough it is not necessary. Just think of using yeast as insurance.
Mixing the Ingredients (10:58)
Letting the dough rise (13:07)
Starter Dough Maintenance (15:35)
Checking on the Risen Dough (17:14)
Spicing up your Bread with Flavors (18:35)
*On this episode I made Jalapeno Cheese Bread, Pepperoni Pizza Bread, Loaded Sweet Potato Bread, Greek Olive and Rosemary Bread, and Sun Dried Tomato with Italian Herbs and Garlic. YUM!
Kneading the Risen Dough (20:26)
Prepping your Baking Pans (21:39)
Kneading the Dough before Baking (22:58)
Adding Flavors to your Bread (23:54)
Oven Temperature and Baking Techniques (25:43)
Cleaning Tips-Cuz It’s very sticky! (28:47)
Extra Bread Rising Tips (29:08)
Air Fryer Roll Reveal! (31:30)
Cast Iron Skillet Bread Reveal! (32:33)
Traditonal Loaf Reveal Part 1 (33:07)
Flavored Loaf Reveal! (33:37)
Traditional Loaf Reveal Part 2 (34:16)

Here are the traditional ingredients:

1 Cup Active Sourdough Starter
1 1/2 Cups (about) warm water (110 degrees Fahrenheit)
1/2 Teaspoon Rapid Rise or Instant Yeast (up to 2 tsp if your started isn’t fully active) (Or for fully activated yeast follow my Apple Cider Vinegar recommendation.)
1/2 Teaspoon Vita

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