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How to Make The Best Banana Nut Bread | Moist Banana Nut Bread Recipe

We are learning how to make the best banana nut bread in this week’s video! Banana nut bread is my go-to creation for when I have overripe bananas. It is moist, rich in flavor, and makes for an extremely satisfying breakfast. This delicious and easy to follow recipe will certainly become a staple in your home. 


Ingredients You’ll Need for Banana Nut Bread:

Dry Ingredients-
4.5 cups (700 grams) all-purpose flour 
1 tablespoon (14 grams) baking soda 
1/2 teaspoon (3 grams) salt

Spice Mix:
1 tablespoon (5 grams) ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon (2 grams) pumpkin spice
1/2 teaspoon (1 gram) ground nutmeg 
1/2 (1 gram) ground cloves

Wet Ingredients –
3 cups (600 grams) dark brown sugar
2 cups (440 grams) overripe bananas, mashed (about six large bananas)
2 cups (440 grams) sour cream, full fat
3/4 cup (170 grams) butter, salted 
3 eggs
2 teaspoons (8 milliliters) vanilla extract

Mix-in –
1 cup (120 grams) walnuts

Baking Instructions:
Bake banana nut bread at 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius) in preheated oven for 60 to 90 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center come out clean.



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Video Transcription

in this week’s video we are learning howto make banana nut bread hey guys it’sTori from Torres Test Kitchen and onthis channel I make weekly content doughwith all things cooking baking andcreating if you are a returning viewerwelcome back if you are new here pleaseconsider subscribing okay let’s beginso first starting off with the dryingKiryat mix first you will need or inhalf cups or 700 grams of all-purposeflour or in half teaspoons or 9 grams ofyour spice mix 1 tablespoon or 14 gramsof baking soda and finally 1/2 teaspoonor 3 grams of salt picking a large bowlcontaining your all-purpose flour youwill combine that with your spice mixnow I’ve provided the ingredients foryour spice mix to the left of yourscreen feel free to pause this video atany point of time next add your bakingsoda and so on to the mix and whiskuntil well combinedat this point you’ll notice a slightchange in color as the spice mixincorporates with the flour whiskvigorously until all the ingredients arewell incorporated finally take out thewhisk and set aside the bowl containedthe dry ingredients for later usestarting off the wet ingredients firstyou will need three cups or 600 grams ofdark brown sugar now I prefer to usedark brown sugar but light brown sugarwork just as well 2 cups or 440 gramshave mashed overripe 2 bananasthis will equal about 6 bananas 2 cupsor 440 grams a full fat sour cream nowyou can substitute this with nonfat orlow-fat sour cream if you wish 3/4 cupsor 170 grams of butter I personally usesalted butter in this recipe but you canuse unsalted butter as well 3 large eggsand 2 teaspoons or eight milliliters ofvanilla extracttaking a large bowl you will add in yourdark brown sugar and butter then youwill cream it together for those of youwho don’t know creaming is a techniquecommonly used in baking so when I say tocream together the butter and sugar allI mean is to stir until well combinedbless your butter and sugar are creamedtogether add in your 3 eggs all at onceand then add in your vanilla you’llnotice a change in texture as you mixcontinue to mix until no egg yolks arepresent which is just the yellow part ofthe egg you’ll know you’re finishedmixing when the batter appears silky andtexture it has a rich brown color nextadding your sour cream to the batteryou’ll continue to stir until whitestreaks are no longer present in yourmix you’ll notice that the batter willlight in several shapes as you stirfaking a strainer you’re going to addhalf of your dry ingredients into thebowl with your wet ingredients now ifyou don’t have a strainer no worriesjust dump half of the dry ingredientsinto the bowl once the first half of thedry ingredients are mixed togetheryou’ll repeat this process and add thesecond half of the drying for you andstir until well combinednext out in your mashed overripe bananasand fold into the batteronce your bananas are well incorporatedto the batter you will need your finalingredient which will be 1 cup or 120grams of walnuts now you can usewhatever type of nuts you want such aspecans throw the walnuts into the mixuntil well combinednow taking a parchment paper line breadloaf pan you will fill with batter untilabout two-thirds of the way full nowthis recipe will make about two loavesof banana bread smooth down the batterin the pan with the spatula bake thebanana bread in a preheated oven at 300degrees Fahrenheit or 180 degreesCelsius for 60 to 90 minutes or until atoothpick inserted into the center ofyour banana bread comes out clean if theto pick does not come out clean continueto bake after I took the veneer out theoven I allowed it to cool in a coolingrack and then I sliced it into about 1inch thick pieces banana bread tastesbest when served warmth a nice slice ofbutter enjoy thank you so much forreaching the end of this video if you’veenjoyed this video or learned somethingnew please leave a like share andcomment down below ok I’ll see you guysnext time bye[Music]

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